Short Essay ‘Save Water Save Earth’

Save water save earth is an important slogan to focus on how wastage of water is someday going to destroy earth and how we can help prevent that.

Water is a resource that is necessary to sustain life. All living beings need water to keep their bodies hydrated. Some drink water, others absorb it from the skin and plants take in water through the roots.

Planet Earth has life on it because of existence of water on the surface. If this disappears, in a very short time life will cease to exist. That is how water and life on earth are correlated. And when we save water, we are taking one big step towards saving earth.

Why save water

  1. Water in vital for survival for all life forms.
  2. Water pollution has made the availability of potable water scarce.
  3. Water table under the ground has been constantly going down.
  4. Air pollution causes rainwater to be contaminated with the pollutants.
  5. Water is used for cleaning and cooking and is a medium for manufacturing.
  6. Rains are unpredictable, and in the years of low rainfall the burgeoning population causes a huge strain on water reserves.
  7. Even though the majority of the surface of earth is water, the availability of potable water is going down.

How to save water

  1. Stop wastage of water, use only as much as is needed. Repair leakages.
  2. Rain water harvesting is an efficient way to conserve water
  3. Establish watch groups to avoid any kind of water pollution, directly.
  4. Recycling water domestically for less use.
  5. Setting up water purifying plants to use ground water for drinking.
  6. Establishing a surcharge on units using water above an acceptable pre-decided quantity.
  7. Rationing water in water-scarce periods and areas.

Water must be made available to all life forms for sustenance and has to be a shared resource. If we save water, we increase the possibility of making it available everywhere. Thus we save earth.

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