Short Essay on Water Crisis in India

Water scarcity is a huge problem all around the world, and a lot of people are suffering from water crisis in India as well.

Saving water is very important if we want life to be available on the earth because the amount of water is getting reduced daily and, in a few years, life on earth will become very difficult due to the lesser amount of water.

Here are a few techniques to save the water which everyone should use:

  • In public areas like schools, parks, colleges, bathrooms, etc. taps stay open for a while, and no one is mannered enough to stop the tap from draining water. If we can stop extra water from taps of various public areas, a lot of water would get saved every day.
  • Rainwater harvesting is an important process that people should definitely In Rainwater harvesting, we need to save the rainwater in various utensils or buckets, and then we can use the rainwater for a lot of processes like watering plants, filling air coolers with water, etc.
  • Education needs to be provided to people from rural areas so that they can also save water by various techniques and do not inadequately use water. It is the rural people who use the water at maximum capacity, so they need to know about various water saving techniques.
  • Various playgrounds get watered unnecessarily every day, and it takes a lot of water for every playground if a rule is there to not to waste the water unnecessarily or it may cause you a punishment, many groundsmen will get punished every day for sure.
  • Areas, where there is a sufficient amount of water, should not use water in such a manner that it gets wasted. For example, if you can bath with one bucket of water, using three buckets of water is useless and wastage of water only.

These were a few points using which one can save water and stay out of the water crisis. Right now, the entire country is under water crisis, and people need to understand the value of water to live for more years on the earth.

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