Short Essay on Traffic Jam

Traffic Jams are a great problem throughout the world, and the government of various countries tries their best so that they can control traffic jams in various cities, but they are unable to do so.

The population of the country is growing day by day and by the growing population, they also need some resources to travel. Most of the people assume that car is the perfect way of the transportation as it fits their budget and by buying a car they can flaunt about their money as well. As the number of people is increasing so are the number of cars but the land of the country is still the same, and that is why traffic around the country can’t get controlled.

The government of India made a lot of plans to stop traffic jams like building metros trains and metro buses which are the perfect way of public transportation. However, it is quite clear that even after the metros and buses, the traffic jams are still the same.

People used to travel by cycles and cycle rickshaws before and due to which the chances of getting stuck in a traffic jam was very less. However, people nowadays use bicycles and cycle rickshaws very less instead they use motorbikes and cars or another way of transportation due to which the traffic jams are getting higher day by day.

Various cities of India are known as one of the busiest cities in the world, and that is why one can just imagine about the crowd in the city. And all that crowd will travel somewhere daily, and that is why those cities are full of traffic jams daily.

To avoid the traffic jam, the government should increase metro lines and other public transportations so that people travel more from public transportations than a private way of transportation.

Though it is quite impossible to control traffic jams nowadays, trying is not bad.

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