Short Essay on Social Awareness

People from all around the country make lots of efforts to make sure that people from various parts of India are aware of a lot of things that they weren’t aware of before.

Social awareness is very important for people in any country because social awareness leads to the actual development of a country. If you are not aware of a lot of things that are trending today how will you survive in this cruel world? For example, if you are not aware of the correct use of mobile phone, you will only use it for calling, but it can be used for various other ways as well.

Social awareness is of two types – one is to get to know about that is socially acceptable nowadays and the other is to know about the social problems trending in the world, and we will discuss both below:

  • To keep himself socially aware about the clothes, one should look at the other people around him every day. It is quite possible that a lot of people are very socially aware, and they know what kind of they should wear on various occasions. So, by looking at them, you can become socially aware too. Similarly, which mobile is trending, what hairstyle is trending, what kind of mannerisms you need, everything can be attained by looking at people who are quite socially aware according to you.
  • Social awareness about the problems of the country is very important because you never know that at your job you may get a task to do the project about various social problems in India and if you are not aware of the problems you will always be in deep trouble.
  • We as responsible citizens of India should arrange various seminars and educational fairs at which people from all over the country can come and can gain their knowledge about various social problems which the citizens of the country are facing.
  • If you are a parent and you don’t know what is happening in the country or the world, how will you answer the questions of your child, he or she will fell that his father is dumb as he doesn’t know anything about the world.
  • If you are not known to the rules that your country has made recently, it is possible that you might break a rule because you are not even aware that there exist any rules. And all this because you are not socially aware.

Social awareness is very important for everyone, and that is why people recommend reading newspapers or news headlines on TV every day so that one can have some knowledge about the world in his busy life.

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