Short Essay on No pain no gain

No pain no gain means that if we don’t work hard or struggle for something we cannot achieve our goals. One has to go through some pain to reach the specific target. This life is not a bed of roses, and everyone has to work hard in order to achieve a respected and good position.

No pain, no gain is a proverb that tries to show the connection between hard work and success. This is not necessarily for large achievements, although it holds equally true there. Everything that we want in life is connected to the effort that needs to be taken. If one is unwilling to take any effort, there isn’t much to be achieved.

Jane Fonda used this proverb in her 1982 aerobics videos as the catchphrase for building endurance. It was also Benjamin Franklin’s most famous and memorable aphorisms.

History is full of examples that who bear pain never gain any good stuff. Inventions, discoveries and a new theory need struggle and time. So if you think that you will pass your exam or get promotion in your job without effort and concentration, then it’s all very false positive, and you need to get over these thoughts.

We only see those people successful today who thrive and worked hard in their life. Now they live their golden life.

Literally, if one wants a healthy body, one must earn it by going through the pain of the exercise. If one wants to eat, there needs to be some work done in the form of cooking. If one wants to live in luxury, one needs to work and earn it.

As an extreme example, a mother can have her baby only by going through the extreme labor pains, although medical technology is changing this.

If you want to gain something in life, you have to take the pain to make some efforts in that direction. Many languages have similar proverbs that point to some pain being involved in any activity to be gainful. Nothing is achieved by sitting idle and wishful thinking.

Success is always achieved when you work towards it and prayers alone cannot help you make it. Moreover, the things which come in your life without any pain or struggle will go back instantly without giving you the proper benefits.

So everyone should work hard and never lose hope. Otherwise, you will not survive in this world.

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