Short Essay on ‘My inspiration’

My inspiration is the great Mahatma Gandhi. Mahatma Gandhi truly inspires me. He has taught me how to fight every battle with tolerance and peace. He has taught me the real meaning of war. That war is all about sacrifice. It is not about killing and bloodshed.

His contributions towards the freedom of India have been very valuable and precious. Without him, and his diplomatic approach towards the British, it would have taken us years to be independent.

He played a crucial role in India’s independence. The way he tackled every situation was impeccable. He was amenable yet firm. He listened to everything the British had to say, but, did what he wanted and what was best for his country, and the British had to agree with his decision. Such was his personality and impact on the British. He used to lead a very humble and modest life. He used to wear very chaste clothing. His teachings are very valuable and are taught all over the country. His sayings are very inspiring and are embedded with precious pearls of wisdom. His quotes really inspire me, and I read them whenever I feel down and, need a thrust of motivation. I really get going after reading his quotes which are fraught with positivity. His perspective towards life was surely a unique one. He was way more focused on his goals than anyone else can be. That is why he made it to the hearts of millions of Indians and became their inspiration and of course, my inspiration as well. His history is filled with noble deeds and he had helped people throughout his life. His methods of truth and peace have made an impact on many souls not only in India but throughout the world.

Mahatma Gandhi was truly a noble man, and he inspires me to become like him. His prophecies and wishes for a better India can only be fulfilled if I and my fellow Indians acquire his methods, and try to practice them. We need a Mahatma Gandhi in every street and every colony. Then only we will advance towards a better India where peace and tolerance is the mantra of people.

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