Short Essay on My Favourite Toy Car

My Favourite Toy Car is a red coloured remote-controlled Ferrari. I love this toy car very much because it was a gift given to me by my uncle. My uncle is a mechanic and he has worked on many supercars including Ferrari.

I idolize my uncle. He has always been fascinated by cars, the engineering that goes behind manufacturing a car. He instilled that passion for cars in me as well. He would purchase cars from junkyards and fix them up so well they would look brand new. He pursues his hobbies and utilizes his passion while making a living out of it. I admire him a lot for this.

I hope to become a car designer myself when I grow up. I discuss my goal with him frequently and he does his best to teach me everything there is to learn about cars. I believe I learned more from him than I ever would at an institution. Even though I’m not old enough to drive yet he has still taught me how to take care of a car. Because of him, I can help my father clean out his engine, wash the car, and know which part goes where.

I love the toy car because it goes really fast and is remotely controlled. I love it more because it inspires to build machinery as sophisticated as it or better. It is made of synthetic plastic and it is able to move like a normal car. It reverses, moves forward and All my friends envied my collection of toy cars before, but this red car has gotten me more friends. Like-minded friends who also love cars.

Toy cars are meant to develop a passion amongst children, give them a sense of the real world. As an adult, I would have the opportunity to pursue a career in whatever professions appeal to me most. Toys serve as symbols of those professions. They are meant to uncover a child’s potential and interest. My toy car has been effective in helping me discover my passion for cars. I hope to be able to pursue this passion by learning the necessary skills for improving my talents.

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