Short Essay on My Favourite Sport – Cricket

I love to watch and play cricket. Cricket is a very royal game. It is the game of the rich. There are a lot of accessories needed to play this game. You can’t just go there on the pitch with a bat and a bowl and start playing. You need a proper kit. You need pads, arm pads, thigh pads, elbow coverings, abdominal guard etc. It is not like football where the whole twenty-two players can play with a single ball! In cricket, every player needs their own personalized kit. That is why it is called the game of the rich.

My favourite sport is cricket because I love the passion needed to play this game. Every player has to perform for every single minute of the game. A bowler has to bowl and after his over, he has to field. A batsman has to bat continuously, and if he is on the non striker’s end, he has to run. The fielder has to be attentive all the time and has to field constantly and take catches.

There is no room for rest in the field. There is constant movement and performing. I also love how every ball can yield results. Every ball can get a wicket or be hit for a boundary. There is nothing predetermined and anything can happen. I especially love the test format. It is the real test of patience and endurance. The batsman has to face every delivery and tackle it to either score or defend. With the red ball, it gets really difficult for the batsmen. Unlike the white ball, the red ball swings too much and can cause perils for batsmen. This doesn’t mean that it gets easy for the bowler. Bowler has to try to take wickets all the time. He has to bowl long spells and try to come up with something new in every delivery.

The other two formats are also very exciting. T-20s are really fun and the batsmen hitting long sixes is but a sight to cherish. Also, it gets really tensed when everything comes to the wire and the last ball becomes the decisive ball of the match. Cricket is really an amazing sport.

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