Short Essay on Mumbai

Mumbai is also known as the business capital of the country and also one of the busiest cities of the country. Mumbai is famous as a house of Bollywood because most of the Bollywood actors and actresses live in Mumbai. The city is also famous for a lot of other things, and all those things are mentioned in the list below:

  • The famous Wankhede stadium where Indian cricket team lifted the ODI world cup for the second time is in Mumbai city, and many famous cricketers like Sachin Tendulkar, Zaheer Khan, and Rohit Sharma belong to Mumbai only.
  • Many businesses have their roots in Mumbai because the headquarters of a lot of international companies are in Mumbai and that is why people sitting in Mumbai can control their businesses all over the country.
  • Mumbai is the city which has maximum resources and a wonderful climate. Mumbai has lots of public transportations, shopping malls, playgrounds and various other places which are very entertaining for every age group.
  • Various food items which we eat daily are from the kitchen of Mumbai. Pav Bhaji, Batata Vada, Vada Pav, Bhel Puri, etc. are the food items of Mumbai which people from all over the country are in love nowadays. These food items are so delicious and popular that one can notice a lot of fast food shops named as Bombay special and Mumbai special etc.
  • Every youngster in this world has once dreamt about traveling to Mumbai because Mumbai is known for Bollywood and once in everyone’s lifetime, one dreams about becoming an actor and the city has given chances to so many outsiders. Many north and south Indians have become superstars because of Bollywood and to be a part of Bollywood, one should travel to Mumbai and meet various producers and directors.

Mumbai is famous for lots of monuments and other historical places as well, and all in all, Mumbai is a place which is for every age group. An old age personality, as well as a young aged person, can enjoy their time in the best manner in Mumbai and no one will ever get bored staying in Mumbai.

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