Short Essay on Lohri Festival

What is Lohri Festival?

Lohri is harvest festival mainly celebrated by the people of Punjab. It marks the highest climatic point of the winter season in Punjab, i.e., it is generally celebrated on Winter Solstice Day, a shortest day with a longest night.

When is Lohri celebrated?

As per the Hindu calendar, Lohri generally celebrated in the mid of January, 13th of January, i.e., day before Makar Sankranti. This festival signifies that Hindu month Magh is going to be start and Hindu month Paush, coldest month of the year, is going to be end. That’s why; Lohri festival is also known as “Maghi” festival.

How do people celebrate Lohri?

During the Lohri festival, there is cold weather with dense fog in the Northern part of India. Still, people celebrate this festival with much pomp and glory:

  • People are very busy in the preparation of the Lohri festival.
  • They enjoy this festival with music, dance and kite-flying activities.
  • Lohri is actually a festival of bon-fire where people come out of the house in the freezing weather with family and friends and enjoy the Rabi crops together with songs and dance.
  • This bon-fire is actually done in the honour of Lord Agni for his blessings.
  • Children celebrate the Lohri festival by going “Door to Door” for the “Lohri Loot” either in the form of money or in the form of some mouth watering eatables like til (sesame), peanuts, seeds, rewri, etc.
  • They all sing together which looks like the Robin Hood, who once helped poor village people by robbing the rich people.
  • Hindu people on this day bath with the water of Ganges which help them to remove their sins. Many people do charity as they all believe it to be auspicious.
  • Everyone enjoys their dinner with a popular dish named Makki di roti and Sarson da saag.

Story behind Lohri

There is a story behind the celebration of the Lohri festival. As per the Bhagawad Gita, on this day, Lord Krishna revealed himself in his real avatar.

Different festivals celebrated on the same day.

Many people celebrate the Lohri festival as Pongal in Tamil Nadu, Bhogi in Andhra Pradesh, Makar Sankranti in Bihar, Karnataka and Bihu in Assam.


People enjoy the freezing weather during the Lohri festival, and celebrate the festival with enormous joy and enthusiasm.

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