Short Essay on Importance of Discipline in Students’ Life

Discipline is a streamlined system of rules set by oneself or one’s authorities. It means to make rules and to follow them in order to achieve some goals or as a part of the institution’s vision.

Discipline alternatively is also used as a synonym for punishment.

As a student, one is beginning to direct his life in a particular direction, usually that of success. This requires hard work and effort. This is also the beginning of training for what would be required throughout the better part of one’s life. Instead of letting life run amok and take you where it would, one tries to harness one’s mental and physical faculties to go in the chosen direction. This is the role of discipline.

1. Discipline is usually seen as a virtue in a person. A disciplined student or a person is also an ideal for the school or the organisation.

2. Discipline in daily life, such as waking up early and sleeping early, usually at the same time is considered an important part of discipline in training the body and getting enough sleep for developing their brain.

3. Having a daily bath and regular cleaning of teeth, ears, hair and other parts of the body is a part of hygienic discipline.

4. Daily exercise and playing sports help develop a strong and healthy body. Discipline usually includes some kind of physical training.

5. In an institution, obeying the authorities, i.e. teachers in the school, parents at home is very important because they are usually the ones to form the rules and they are formed with your best interests in mind.

6. In school discipline involves paying attention to the teacher, not talking in class unless asked, following the queues, not running in corridors, walking in silence, etc.

7. At home a disciplined student will finish homework and daily studies, play and eat in time to retire early. Waking up early in the morning, after a bath, he will exercise before going to school.

Discipline keeps students on top of all aspects of life and gives their minds and bodies the ability to focus on the right things in life.

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