Short Essay on Dog for Students

Dog is man’s best friend’. It’s a domestic animal that many people love to have as a pet. The dog is a loyal animal and is domesticated to guard homes. Its love for its master is unmatched. Many people keep dogs for a company or to share the love.

They come in different breeds, shapes, colors, sizes, weight, and traits. In cold countries such as Siberia and Greenland, dogs are used to draw sled.

It is a nocturnal animal and makes different sounds to express different moods. It can bark, snarl, growl, howl, etc. These pets are digitigrades as they use toes while walking or running. Their understanding power is also good, and so they are considered as an intelligent animal.

Many people keep dogs for security reasons. Since dogs are loyal, many breeds tend to be fiercely protective of the master’s family and house and his belongings. They bark at any strangers making everyone alert. Farm dogs are good at looking after the farm animals from wolves or poachers. Sheep dogs prevent their flock from straying away.

For people living alone, dogs are good company while keeping them safe from strangers. Guide dogs are very good guides and companions for the blind as they take them along roads, through the buses, trains, etc.

Dogs help pull sleds in the Poles. The Huskies are adapted to the cold of the poles and are very intelligent. They can pull through deep snow and even keep out of harm from ice breaks, etc.

Conclusion: A dog has so adapted to a domestic life that people feel safe with dogs around their children, even babies.

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