Science: Essay on Science for Students


Science is a discipline and a field of study that takes a systematic and logical approach in finding out how everything that is around us works.

Science is a field that has been very important in the world as it is through science that major discoveries in the world today have been found.

Science uses a set of truths and facts to come up with logical deductions.

Major branches of science

  1. The first branch of science is mathematics and logic. This is the branch that makes use of abstract concepts to come up with theories, laws and hypothesis. All other branches of science are dependent on this ranch to come up with factual conclusions.
  2. Another branch is biological science. This one deals with studying living things including their functioning, structure and how they relate with the environment.
  3. Social science is also a branch of science that deals with studying the society and how we relate with the society. It deals with studying human development and the behavior of humans.
  4. Physical science is the last major branch of science that deals with studies like chemistry, physics, geology and astronomy.

Role of science

  1. Science has the role of informing and educating. It is through science that people get to know about certain aspects in the society.
  2. Science also serves the role of finding solutions to unsolved problems. By the use of science, we can be able to find out solutions to problems or questions that we did not know how to solve.
  3. Science also has the role of helping us find out about our past. Through science, we are able to know where things came from and why things in the universe are the way that they are.
  4. Another role of science is that it helps us in developing new technologies. This is because technology involves the application of science.
  5. Science also has the role of helping us with our society issues. This is through the study of human behavior and the study of human needs.

Science and technology

While science deals with the study of the behavior of the world, technology deals with the application of the facts deduced from science for practical reasons. It can be impossible to separate the two fields since one is dependent on the other.

Benefits of science and technology

  1. Science and technology has contributed to the advancements in communication that we have today. Through the two, it has become easier for people to communicate with each other despite being in different parts of the world.
  2. Science and technology has been responsible for much advancement in medicine. Modern treatment methods have been invented that have made it possible to cure certain illnesses.
  3. It is through developments in science and technology that we have seen developments in transportation. Faster and more efficient forms of transport have been invented.
  4. Science and technology has also been responsible for the improved standards of living. This is due to the various forms of technology that people use in their daily lives.
  5. Science and technology has also contributed to employment creation. This involves people who work in various technological firms and technological departments.
  6. Science and technology has also made it possible for space travel. It was impossible for people to travel to space but with the advancements in science and technology, people can travel to the moon and study space more effectively.

Wonders of science

  1. The internet is a wonder of science that has grown to become a necessity to humans today.
  2. The wheel is also a science invention that has made it possible for modern transport advancements.
  3. The light bulb is also a wonder of science that has made modern lighting easy.
  4. Electricity is also a wonder of science that has made all other modern technological advancements possible.
  5. The invention of Penicillin was also an advancement that contributed highly to the medical field.

Disadvantages of science

  1. Technology has led to job loss since industries and companies are now using technological equipments to do most of the work.
  2. Due to science and technology, human interactions have reduced. This is due to people being addicted to the use of technological gadgets to pass time.
  3. Some science and technological inventions and applications like nuclear power have led to environmental degradation.
  4. Science and technology has led to laziness as people depend on technological gadgets for their daily work. This has led to increased cases of obesity.


Science has led to the development of a more modern world. Everything that was initially impossible has now been made possible by science and technology. However, as much as it has its benefits, it also has its disadvantages that have seen a lot of criticism about various advancements.

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