School Libraries: Essay on Importance of School Libraries

School library is one of the most loved places in the world during our school times. People like the school library because firstly they get to study once they step into the library. Secondly, they learn to stay calm which means that one cannot make noise in a library.

Nowadays, the condition of school libraries is getting degraded day by day as students can easily learn and study from the material which they are made available online by the school authority. So, going to the library for reading or studying doesn’t make much sense to them.

Even though you get all the stuff that you need to read or learn via online sources, but still the importance of a school library is quite high, here is why:

Various researches got done and the results have taken out that school libraries are an essential part of a student’s life and

  • It enhances a student’s academic achievements.
  • It provides a space
  • Calm atmosphere
  • Social development
  • Preparation for high-level exams

It enhances student’s academic achievements – The librarians in every school are mostly the strictest teachers of the school. And the strictness means that every student who is in the library must learn and study only and there wouldn’t be a way by which we can interact for a long time with each other. Or even if we interact, the interaction should be related to studies only. What happens is, that the students don’t get an atmosphere to study in a lot of houses and the school library act as the perfect place where one can study as much as he wants. And research proves that students who studied in school libraries have always secured more marks than other students.

Calm atmosphere – In India, except the southern part and the northeastern part of the country, all the houses are full of chaos throughout the day. In all the chaos, students cannot concentrate and that is why a school library acts as the perfect place for students because there can study with all the calmness that they need. It gets observed that most of the students are unable to secure marks due to their lack of focus and the lack of focus occurs when you study in a chaotic atmosphere.

Provides a space – A lot of people don’t even have space where they can study in a good manner. Some students love to study, but their financial conditions are so bad that they don’t even have a good place to study during the daytime. So, a school library acts as the perfect option for them to study what they want and for as many hours as they want.

Social development – It gets observed that while studying in a library, students make a lot of new friends. These friends would share the same understanding as you because in an era of e-learning if you meet a person like you who likes to study in the school library, then there must be a lot of other points that you two might have the same.

Preparation for high-level exams – It gets noticed that students who have a habit of sitting and studying at a calm place for long hours, tend to have cleared various high-level exams very easily.

Above were some points telling why school libraries are still very important for students. Though e-learning has got started but still one cannot study in a great manner form his mobile or laptop as he would study by reading books in a library. So, the school libraries should never get shut as they can help in the development of students in many ways.

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