Save Electricity Essay

Easy ways to Save Electricity

Electricity received a mass distribution of about a hundred years ago. This process was a breakthrough for mankind. Today there are no single industry sector or other areas where electricity is not used. Each apartment or a building operates a huge number of lighting fixtures and household appliances.

Save Electricity
Save Electricity

Every day, every second person turns on the TV, computer, refrigerator and needs electricity constantly. It significantly reduces the amount of work that could be done in a manual way. Electricity is used for lighting buildings and streets, creating a microclimate (fans, ionizers, air conditioners, devices for heating), keeping foodstuff (freezers, refrigerators), cooking (cookers, microwave ovens, juicers, coffee machines), apartment cleaning (vacuum cleaners), laundry washing and drying (washing machines, electric dryers, and irons). The plants or factories are in constant need of electricity. It operates the engineering tools, electrical machinery, computers and many other things. Electricity is a controllable and convenient form of energy used in all areas of our life and activity.

The whole point of saving electricity lies in the fact that electricity is generated from natural resources, the number of which is limited. In addition, this process is harmful to the environment. The unsustainable use of natural resources can not only violate the balance of nature but also make the planet completely uninhabitable. Currently, thermal power plants are the main producers of the electricity. They produce energy from a low-cost processing of non-renewable natural resources such as gas, coal, and petroleum products. When burning, such fuels discharge in the air particles of ash, soot, and ash, as well as toxic substances contained in the smoke. Arsenic, silicas and calcium, sulfur dioxide and heavy metals are among them. All of this are not only deposited in our lungs but also affects the state of the atmosphere, creating the so-called greenhouse effect.

Conserving Energy
Conserving Energy

We can do next things in order to reduce or eliminate an unnecessary use of electricity:

  • Use energy-efficient lighting fixtures. The most basic way to save light is to replace conventional light bulbs with energy-saving lamps.
  • Turn off lights in rooms where there is nobody. If you do have a bad memory, write a note as a reminder, and fasten it in a visible place at the entrance.
  • Follow the instructions supplied with the household appliances and keep track of their condition. For example, periodically clean a kettle from a scale. Besides, a refrigerator near a heat source consumes more electricity.
  • Make home renovation. Bright light wallpaper or paint allow rooms to reflect up to 80% of the sun rays.
  • Wipe dust from the bulbs.
  • Use heat reflectors (thermal mirrors).
  • Insulate the apartment, house and/or room.

In case if the environment problems are not in your priority, remember that while saving electricity, you also save your money.

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