Safe Drive Save Life – Short Essa

Safe Drive Save Life – Short Essay 1

Safe Drive Save Life is, indeed, an important slogan because of the meaning and message it delivers to human beings.

The traffic situation on the roads is becoming alarming day by day. Unruly traffic, some vehicles each in a rush is an invitation to accidents.

It is imperative to follow some simple rules that will go a long way in preventing such accidents and save lives.

Speed should always follow the indicated range. Driving at very high speeds is not a sign of machoism. On the contrary, it shows a lack of sense.

Lane rules must be followed to avoid confusion on the highway or motorways.

Driving under the influence of alcohol is dangerous since the thinking faculties are dulled, and you don’t have much control over your reflexes.

Details like wearing helmets and seatbelts go a long way in saving lives. In cars, a child seat is a vital equipment, especially on long distance to save children from spinal damages.

Driving can be fun, but extra precaution must also be taken to account for the actions of others. It is advisable to keep additional margins in time and space for unforeseen activities.

It is in that context that the slogan ‘safe drive save life’ demonstrates its importance. Being responsiblewhile driving is essential. Safe driving is not something that should be taken lightly because one wrong move can result in death. It is a sad truth that people usually take driving for granted and uses motor vehicles like cars as toys without realizing just how powerful it can be.

Be cool while driving. You will come over individuals who will be surging, don’t get influenced by their reckless driving. If everyone begins acting like the perfect driver behind the directing wheel, streets will end up far more secure.

  • Eco-friendliness is expanded by safe driving.
  • Driving protectively makes an individual an increasingly careful driver.
  • Due to safe driving, tires will have a more extended life as it includes soft braking and speeding up.
  • Another significance of safe driving is that engine won’t burst soon while hard braking and quick increasing speeds.
  • Driving securely helps in maintaining a strategic distance from heavy.

Conclusion: Defensive driving is a very safe way to travel. Life is too precious to be sacrificed to chance. Safe drive save life! Owning vehicles and a license to drive does not give one a clean ticket to be careless or rash while on the road. It is important to be conscious of the fact that when you drive you are not just responsible for your life but those around you too. You must always be completely aware of your surroundings, and your entire focus should be on the road and nothing else

Practices of ‘Safe Drive save Life’ – Short Essay 2

Safe drive saves a life, a standout statutory warning, is one of the most relevant and useful phrases keeping in mind the present day scenario that one should follow while driving a vehicle.

For driving a vehicle, one could either be a decent driver or somebody who can’t drive. There is no middle of status for a driver.

Practices of Safe Drive save Life: There are some basic rules for safe driving that will save lives.

Drive in your lane: Keeping to your lane while driving gives the other cars the freedom to plan their moves. Overtake on the recommended side, using the right indicators while turning or changing lanes.

Keep to the safe speed limits: High speed is often equated to efficient driving, which is not always true. The key is to follow the speed limits: a slower speed in the residential areas and a higher one on the motorways.

Don’t drink and drive: Driving under the influence of alcohol dulls the mental faculties. One is unable to make judgments and even have a steady hand. If another driver is observed to be under the alcoholic influence, one must take due precautions for one’s safety too.

Don’t talk on the phone while driving: While talking on the phone, your hands are distracted from handling the steering wheel, and your mind is distracted from the road.

Other important precautions include wearing a seat belt, wearing a helmet on a two-wheeler, etc. which have saved many lives.

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