Road Safety Debate | Debate on Road Safety in Favour and Against

Debate on Road Safety: 

Good morning, respected jury members, respected teachers, my worthy opponents, and dear friends.

Today, our purpose is to share our views on a very important and most discussed topic: road safety through the road safety debate. Discussions on this topic are always popular. In front of such a knowledgeable audience, I am privileged to get the chance to share my opinion. I will definitely support the motion.

As early as kindergarten, we are taught the rules of road safety that should be followed. Various innovative approaches are used to teach road safety to school children so that they understand the concept of road safety at an early age. School and home are both involved in this initiative. The idea is to make children aware of road safety from an early age so that mistakes are not made on the road.

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This road safety debate will center on the fact that road safety is one of the top concerns for individuals and governments alike. The issue is a safety and health issue that needs the utmost attention. Observing the data carefully, we can see that the lack of global road safety measures leads to a grave situation.

Before diving into the analysis of road safety, I want to draw your attention to a report that states that India has the highest number of road crash deaths and injuries. An average of 53 road accidents occur every hour, resulting in one death every four minutes. This fact alone emphasizes the importance of road safety. More and more vehicles are on the road every day, so it has become a crucial area that needs more attention and appropriate actions.

In this debate on road safety, we can now see that road transport has become a vital part of everyday life in the modern world. The majority of people use the roads in some way. While some use roads on foot, others use vehicles. It is for sure that the transport system has minimized the distances between places but on the other hand, increased the life risk of road users. Every year road accidents result in loss of lives and serious injuries to people. About eighty thousand people are killed in road accidents every year in India itself. In most accident cases, we can say that the driver of the vehicle plays an important role. But the careless act of pedestrians also causes road accidents in many cases. In general, road accidents occur due to lack of awareness of the road user. Hence, knowledge of road safety is as essential as any other basic skills of survival.

The main objective should be to provide adequate road safety information to current and prospective road users and encourage them to follow the behavior while on road. It is a matter of serious concern to see the growth in road accidents, injuries, and fatalities in recent years. It indicates that road accidents have now become a major public safety issue. Road safety involves roads, motor vehicles, and also people on the road. So road safety needs to be addressed from an overall perspective. We must agree that ensuring road safety is a joint responsibility of the government and the common people.

If we look into the actions on part of the government or administration, several steps are being taken to improve road safety significantly. First of all, efforts are made to promote awareness about road accidents’ social and economic implications and what needs to be done to reduce them. Besides, the government must ensure safety in planning, design, and construction of roads in populated urban areas. The safety features in the vehicles must be incorporated from the stage of design, manufacture, operation, and maintenance. There is a serious need to strengthen and improve the enforcement process to avoid the bypass of road safety rules.

However, the people who use roads for movement and transportation must bear a large share of the responsibility as well. The consequences of road accidents and the losses they cause, which are immediate as well as long-term, need to be recognized. Road accidents cause injuries, disability, and even death. It only takes one mistake or bypass of safety measures to threaten our lives. Education, training, and public campaigns are crucial to creating awareness among the population. So road safety knowledge is a must for every educational program from school to college.

People tend to use shortcuts to save time and effort in today’s fast-paced world. However, we must remember that life is more valuable than time. Overspeeding, overtaking, and disregarding traffic laws are the primary causes of road accidents. Some people in our country believe driving on the wrong side of the road isn’t a big deal and saves time. However, they risk their own lives as well as those of others on the road. In addition, there is a real concern about young people who drive recklessly and casually, seemingly for fun or entertainment. Obviously, they have a bigger chance of facing the fatal effects of an accident, which can ruin their lives and their families.

So far, I have tended to focus on the people behind the wheels or on a ride. These are the primary causes of road accidents. But the role of pedestrians cannot be ignored. Their negligence and careless attitude sometimes lead to accidents for which the vehicle drivers are not responsible. There areOften, their negligence and careless attitude cause accidents for which they are not responsible. specific rules of on-footers also which need to be followed strictly. Most of the time the drivers are held responsible for any accident but mistakes of pedestrians are often overlooked.

We have to keep in mind that maintaining road safety is the duty of everyone. We have to feel the importance of road safety for our benefit, not just for the sake of following certain rules. The government may take some strict measures so that people follow safety measures like the use of seat belts and helmets etc. But the law can’t enforce everything if people are not conscious about their safety. So, my dear friends, it’s time to take a pledge to follow safety on the road and ensure a better life for us and our near and dear ones.

FAQ’s on Debate on Road Safety

Question 1.

What action by the Government of India tries to strengthen road safety?


The Indian government amended the Motor Vehicle Act in 2019, introducing severe penalties for traffic violations.

Question 2.

What are the basic safety rules for drivers on-road?


Some of the basic safety rules are: Don’t drink and drive, Always wear seat belts, Never break red signals, Drive within the speed limit, keep a safe distance from the vehicle ahead.

Question 3.

What are some basic safety rules for pedestrians?


The basic safety rules for pedestrians include always crossing the road at the zebra crossing, always using the footpath, and following traffic signals.

Question 4.

What was National Road Safety Month observed in India?


The road safety month was observed for the first time in January 2021.

Question 5.

What are the road accident statistics in India?


In India, about 80,000 people are killed in road accidents every year. This represents 13 percent of all fatalities in the world.

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