Respect: Short Essay on Respect

Respect – Short Essay

Respect refers to the portrayal of great admiration and extending love to somebody or something.

Respect calls for a great deal of discipline and honor to somebody. People who show respect to others do so through obedience as well as showing concern for their needs. People who are most respected are those with commendable track records in the societies that they live in. Simple gestures that show respect includes the use of courteous utterances such as ‘Thank you’ and ‘Sorry.’

It is a basic human need at an individual level and so is also a basic human right at a social level. Respect means the way you treat yourself and others. Respect is expressed as a decent, moral and ethical behavior, towards each other by individuals in a population.

Respect in the society

Young people are always encouraged to show respect towards their parents as well as the elderly people in society. Respect is greatly linked to the commonly accepted codes of conduct which should be embraced by all. Passing of information in a courteous manner devoid of rudeness is a virtue that should be learned by all people as it shows respect among the parties involved.

Respect for the individual

Respect for the individual means respecting that all individuals are equal. The law and the social structure should be aligned so that all rights of individuals are respected equally. This is the basis of a happy, healthy and satisfied society.

Respect for the vulnerable

Respect for the vulnerable populations like children, senior citizens, physically and mentally challenged populations, is a sign of the maturity level of society. A strong and healthy society values its vulnerable populations equally and respects their needs and rights.

The role played by respect

Respect helps people by

  • Enhancing the way different people relate to each other in their daily lives.
  • Ensuring there is peace among the members of society through amicable conflict resolutions.
  • It allows people to show concern for the problems others may be facing.
  • Ensuring there is progress in the right direction since wrangles and conflicts are minimized.


Respect for all individuals and all elements of life is a vital part of civilized human behavior. It helps in the protection and growth of the environment, and all human beings respectful behavior is mandatory. Therefore, every player in a society should strive to embrace the fundamental virtue since its contribution to the overall growth of humankind is invaluable.

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