Provisional Certificate | Meaning, How Can We Get Provisional Certificate?

Provisional Certificate Meaning: What is Provisional Certificate? Provisional Certificate is provided to students on account of the original Certificate who have qualified the University or Board Examination, and it guarantees that students have gone through the education specified in the Certificate. For many universities, the original certificates are provided after a convocation.

Provisional Degree Certificate is a temporary certificate until the original Certificate is provided. The provisional Certificate is also considered by the organizations or firms who are hiring candidates for the job. If a student wants to apply for post-graduation, then the universities accept this Certificate. Once the concerned university or college issues the original degree, the provisional certificate becomes invalid. Until then it has not expired.

Students can find more about certificates, explore the types used for academic purposes, professional purposes and more.

Provisional Certificate Application Meaning

The provisional certificate serves as a certificate of proof indicating that the degree has not been issued still. This Certificate supports when students apply for higher education or jobs as qualifications carry an essential place. It serves as proof of the evidence that the student has achieved the education from that particular university.

The provisional degree states details like the name of the student, the course in which he/she has graduated, division obtained while he/she achieved the degree, etc.

When the time appears to go to the next phase of life, then a provisional degree supports you. It is essential for both you as well as the college/university administration to keep track of the students who have finished their education with their institution.

  1. It is volatile in nature.
  2. It declares the name of the candidate and the name of the course student has graduated in.
  3. Supports students in receiving an offer letter from the company in which students seek to work.
  4. Usually has an expiry date until the original degree is disbursed.

What is a Provisional Degree?

Provisional Degree or Provisional Certificate are the documents that are issued to the students who have just graduated from the university or college. The provisional degree or Certificate is a temporary document that supports in identifying the student about his/her qualification.

While it frequently doesn’t have any legality, the date of expiry expires the day the Original Certificate is issued. Till then, the Certificate can be used to acquire a job, and when asked for documents, a provisional degree can be given.

However, the student has to make sure to assemble the original degree because, after a particular point in time, institutions start asking the student to present the original Certificate.

  1. Please remark that the certificates are just temporary.
  2. Nevertheless, even if you provide this Certificate, it guarantees that you have graduated.
  3. While certificates are essential, weight should be given more on the nature of education.
  4. Certificates only add meaning to approve about a skill that students already have.

How to get Provisional Certificate Online?

While you are looking for higher studies, or while you are seeking a job, Provisional certificates endure importance. While documents are checked after you have cleared an interview, the personnel office would demand your certificates to assure that the criteria demanded during the interview procedure are attended by the candidate.

Yet, many times it may appear that a student doesn’t have their final degree with you. Before the original degree is issued, the universities give provisional Degree certificates so that the students may appeal for jobs or universities. It helps in the background verification of the student.

What is a Degree Certificate?

A degree certificate is recognized as an original certificate provided after an undergraduate program or bachelor’s program. The degree certificate is a document that defines the course as well as the specialization the students is persevering in. Degree certificates and provisional Certificates are both distinct from each other.

  1. It helps check the authenticity of the candidate’s background.
  2. It adds importance to the already available skills.
  3. It is temporary.
  4. Before appealing for any job or a university for higher education, taking the Certificate is essential.

SOL Provisional Certificate

Provisional Certificates are produced by the SOL just after the final term ends. Earlier, the School of Open Learning (SOL) was known as the School of Correspondence Programs and Continuing Education. It was founded in 1962. Presently, the programs given in SOL Delhi University covers BA, BA (Hons.), B.Com (Hons.) at UG level. Similarly, M.Com & MA are presented under the postgraduate level.

The Main Center in the North Delhi Campus contains the application form cum prospects. The place is South Moti Bagh, New Delhi. This makes certain that the students who have graduated or finished their higher education don’t get neglected out from any future possibilities. These possibilities can be in the kind of higher education or a job.

  1. eligibility criteria for BA, BA(H) and B.Com covers 10+2 in the appropriate subject group, having solicited marks as a percentage.
  2. The admissions are entirely merit-based.
  3. The University Administration doesn’t hold in publishing provisional certificates except for some circumstances in particular cases.

VTU Provisional Certificate

VTU university awards provisional certificates to its students so that there is no delay in any risk being undertaken by the student. Visvesvaraya Technological University is a public state university which is situated in Karnataka state. The university was founded by the Government of Karnataka and a number of institutes under it giving admissions as well as certifications and degrees affiliated to the university.

The authority of escorting engineering education in the state rests on the shoulders of the university. A number of students each year pass and are given degrees to proceed with plans. Since publishing the original degree is a time-taking job.

Most of the possibilities in the kind of job or higher education want you to have a temporary provisional certificate degree.

How To Get Provisional Certificate From College?

  1. Visit the official website and attain the payment option.
  2. Click on the SBI link to pay online.
  3. Select the state and university from which you have completed your degree.
  4. In the payment section, choose the option of demanding you to pay the fee.
  5. Mention all the details demanded.
  6. At the provisional certificate, insert the amount which is Rs. 400.
  7. Please note that the fee is subject to change.
  8. Continue with the payment via debit card or net banking.

Provisional Certificate Madras University

The student receives an opportunity for higher studies in a different university, which asks students to give a Provisional certificate to indicate the education received. The University Of Madras is established in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, and is a state university.

The university was founded in 1857. Thus, it is one of the most venerable universities in India, the additional being the University of Allahabad. There are over 230 courses administered by the university, with approx 87 departments classified into 19 schools.

Several students graduate each year from the university. In that case, the provisional certificate for Madras University can be used for the purpose.

  1. Visit the official website
  2. Enter Registration Number
  3. Press on ‘Get Details’
  4. Download the provisional certificate

What is the Difference Between the Provisional and Degree Certificates?

In India, a Degree certificate indicates an undergraduate or bachelor course which is completed. The Certificate provided after the completion of the graduation or post-graduation is called the Degree certificate. Provisional Certificate is provided to students on behalf of the original Certificate who qualified the University or Board Examination.

Till students get the original certificate, the provisional certificate can be used to take up future possibilities. Future possibilities can be in the form of jobs or higher studies. Various multiversities like the University of Allahabad, University of Delhi, or Hyderabad university grants provisionals degrees to all its students.

Format of Provisional Certificate

A provisional certificate is required to make sure that the student is not deprived of future possibilities in the form of a job or higher studies. It supports the college administration in preserving a record of students who have qualified from the university.

Additionally, the organisations often ask for a provisional certificate if not the closing degree. This makes certain that the student who has obtained the job has official credentials. While the Certificate is temporary, generally the corporate firms are tolerant when it comes to them being a replacement to the final document.

Nevertheless, the student is required to make certain that the provisional degree is produced on time. Following points will discuss details on what is to be covered in the provisional certificate format:

  1. It should add details on the degree persevered by the individual.
  2. Name of the university or the college affiliated to the university.
  3. Addressed by the HOD of the Department or the Dean of the University.
  4. Make certain that the complete format is followed to look professional.

Provisional Certificate

Provisional Degree Application

If students are looking to write an application to apply for a provisional certificate, then they can follow the instructions here. The following points would comprise details on what needs to be covered when students are applying for a provisional certificate through an application.

A document that declares the accomplishment of the degree before the original degree is issued is called the Provisional Certificate. It is therefore temporary in nature and unlike the time when the fee is imposed for issuance of permanent degree, there is no charge for it.

It is necessary to ensure your certification, even though provisional, in order not to lose an opportunity when it proceeds to higher education or a job.

  1. Students should address the application to the Dean of the University or the HOD of their Department.
  2. Write the name, course name, year of degree completion.
  3. Students can then request theirs for the immediate issue of it.
  4. Give the details concerning the reasons as to why the school wants it on a preference basis.
  5. Only give correct information with decent formatting.

The validity of the Provisional Certificate

The provisional Certificate, which is published by a varsity proceeds to be valid until the concerned university or college issues the final degree. This was set up by the Delhi High Court where Delhi University denied a student based on a provisional certificate.

The Justice moreover went on to add that rejection of admission on grounds such as a provisional degree was not sustainable as the student already owned a valid certificate that was announced to the student by the Garhwal University.

Thus, no expiry date is mentioned on it, indicating that until the date that the final degree is declared, it would remain valid.

  1. Provisional Certificate is confirmation that the original Certificate continues unissued.
  2. The Certificate is essential until the final degree appears.
  3. It can be used for future possibilities in the form of a job or higher education.
  4. Make sure to assemble the final degree once it is published.

Diploma Provisional Certificate

Provisional Certificate after Diploma is released to all its students till the time the original Certificate is not dispersed. This is to make certain that the students don’t miss out on incoming possibilities in the form of job or higher education.

Many universities and colleges, though, delay the process of circulating a provisional certificate. Diploma certificates are essential if the student is looking to pursue a degree course next in his/her career. In case the college doesn’t announce a provisional certificate immediately, the same can be requested for by the student by writing an application.

Let us see at the following points to understand what a Provisional Diploma Certificate implies:

  1. It is a certificate used to verify the qualifications of the student.
  2. To make sure students aren’t denied any future opportunities, this certificate is issued.
  3. It plays as an official document highlighting qualifications until the original documents are provided.

FAQ’s on Provisional Certificate

Question 1.

What is a Provisional Degree Certificate?


Provisional certificate is a temporary document issued to students to have a proof of their qualification, till they receive the original certificates.

Question 2.

What is the difference between a Provisional Degree and Original Degree?


Provisional Degree is temporary and the original degree is a permanent document.

Question 3.

When is the provisional degree considered?


The provisional degree is considered when students have issued an original degree certificate to prove his/her qualifications.

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