Plus One Computer Application Improvement Question Paper Say 2018

Kerala Plus One Computer Application Improvement Question Paper Say 2018 with Answers

Class Plus One
Subject Computer Application
Category Plus One Previous Year Question Papers

Time Allowed: 2 hours

Cool off time: 15 Minutes

Maximum Marks: 60

General Instructions to Candidates:

  • There is a ‘cool off time’ of 15 minutes in addition to the writing time of 2 hours.
  • Use the ‘cool off time’ to get familiar with the questions and to plan your answers.
  • Read questions carefully before you answering.
  • Read the instructions carefully.
  • Calculations, figures, and graphs should be shown in the answer sheet itself.
  • Malayalam version of the questions is also provided.
  • Give equations wherever necessary.
  • Electronic devices except non-programmable calculators are not allowed in the Examination Hall.

Answer all questions from question numbers 1 to 5. Each carry 1 score. (5 × 1 = 5)

Question 1.

Processed data is called ………….



Question 2.

Write the full form of HDMI.


High Definition Multimedia Interface

Question 3.

The process of converting source code into object code is called …………..


Translation or Compilation or Interpretation

Question 4.

C++ program execution starts and ends within …………. function.



Question 5.

Give an example for search engine.


Google / Yahoo / Bing / Ask

Answer any 9 questions from question numbers 6 to 16. Each carries 2 scores. (9 × 2 = 18)

Question 6.

Fill in the blanks.

a) (DA)16 = (…….)2

b) (25)10 = (…….)8


a) D = 1101

A = 1010


b) Divide the number 25 by 8 successively, and write down the reminders from bottom to top.

Hence the answer is (31)8

Question 7.

Name any four parts on the motherboard.


Ports are PS/2, Serial, Parallel, HDMI, VGA, USB, Audio, LAN port, etc.

Question 8.

Compare RAM and ROM.


1. Random Access Memory 1. Read-Only Memory
2. Volatile 2. Non-Volatile
3. Faster 3. Slower
4. Read and Write Memory 4. Read-only
5. Stores programs and data for CPU 5. Stores boot-up program

Question 9.

Write short notes on the following:

a) Coding

b) Debugging


a) Coding – The process of writing programs to solve a problem is called coding

b) Debugging – It is the process of detecting and correcting errors in a program

Question 10.

Briefly explain any two expressions in C++.


An expression is composed of operators and operands

1) Arithmetic – It consists of arithmetic operators and operands eg. a+5, b%10, etc

2) Relational – It consists of relational operators and operands eg. a>5, b==5, etc

3) Logical – It combines two or more relational expressions with logical operators.

Eg. x>y && x==z

Question 11.

Rewrite the following C++ statement using if ……….. else statement.


“Passed” : “Failed”;






Question 12.

List the four important elements of a loop.


Following are the components of loop statement

  1. Initialization – The loop variable must be initialized
  2. Checking – Loop variable must be checked.
  3. Body – The statements to be executed is written in the body
  4. Update – The loop variable must be updated

Question 13.

Explain any two advantages of computer networks.


The advantages of Networks are given below.

  • Resource sharing: All the computers in a network can share software (programs, data….) and hardware (printer, scanner, CD drive etc ).
  • Reliability: If one computer fails, the other computer can perform the work without any delay. This is very important for banking, air traffic control and other application.
  • Price Vs Performance: A mainframe computer can be 10 times faster than a PC but it costs thousand times a PC. Therefore instead of a mainframe 10 personal computers are used with less cost and same performance.
  • Communication Medium: It is a powerful communication medium. We can exchange information between computers in a network.
  • Scalable: This means, System performance can be increased by adding computers to a network.

Question 14.

Differentiate between HUB and SWITCH.


Hub: It is a small, simple and inexpensive device used to connect computers(devices) to a network. If a computer wants to transmit data to another computer. First it sends to the hub, the hub retransmits this data to all other computers. Each and every computer gets the data and check whether it is for them or not. It increases the network traffic and hence the transmission speed is low.

Switch: It is an expensive device used to connect computers(devices) to a network. Unlike hub, switch transmit data not to all computers, it retransmits data only to the intended computer. So the traffic is less and speed is high

We can summarise it as follows

Hub Switch
1. Cheap 1. Expensive
2. Not an intelligent device 2. Intelligent device
3. High traffic 3. Less traffic
4. Low speed 4. High speed

Question 15.

List the hardware and software requirments for connecting computer to internet.


The hardware and software requirement for internet.

  • A computer with a modem (internal/external)
  • A telephone connection
  • An account with an ISP
  • A browser S/W eg: Internet Explorer or Mozilla…

Question 16.

Briefly describe any two benefits of e-Governance.


Benefits of E-governance: Its main aim is to provide better service to the people at any time and place with high speed. In the modern world it is very helpful and convenient to the people.

  • It enables automation of Govt, services
  • It ensures the participation of citizens hence strengthen the democracy
  • It ensures more transparency hence eliminates corruption
  • It enhances responsibilities of various Govt. Departments
  • Its proper implementation saves time and money of the people by avoiding unnecessary visits to offices.

Answer any 9 questions from question numbers 17 to 27. Each carries 3 scores. (9 × 3 = 27)

Question 17.

Represent -35 in the following forms.

(Hint: Use 8 bit form of representation).

a) Sign and magnitude.

b) One’s complement.

c) Two’s complement.


a) In SMR, MSB is 1 for negative numbers -35 = 10100011

b) One’s complement – First find the binary equivalent of the positive number and change all ones to zero and all zeroes to one

+35 = 00100011

One’s complement of -35 is 11011100

c) Two’s complement – Add 1 to one’s complement form Two’s complement of -35 is 11011100 + 1 = 11011101

Question 18.

Draw a flowchart to find the sum and average of three given numbers.


Plus One Computer Application Improvement Question Paper Say 2018, 1

Question 19.

Explain two types of documentations in programming.


Documentation: We can write comments in the source code as part of documentation that helps to modify the program in future. It is known as internal documentation.

External Documentation: This includes preparation of system manual and user manual containing the functioning of the system, its requirements, installation etc.

Question 20.

Define tokens in C++. List any four types of tokens.


Token: It is the smallest individual units similar to a word in English or Malayalam language. C++ has 5 tokens

Keywords, Identifier, Literals (Constants), Punctuators and Operators.

Question 21.

Consider X = 5 and Y = 2 and write the output of the following expressions.

a) X== y&&Y > X

b) X>=2 || Y==2

c) (X*X) – y


a) 5==2&&2>5

False && False

Answer is False( or 0)

b) 5>=2 || 2 == 2

True || True

Answer is True

c) (5*5)-2


The answer is 23

Question 22.

Explain any three types of statements in C++.


Statements are smallest executable units end with semicolon.

Eg: Declaration

int x;







and control statements

Question 23.

Explain implicit and explicit type conversion with suitable examples.


Type conversion: Type conversions are of two types.

1) Implicit type conversion: This is performed by C++ compiler internally. C++ converts all the lower sized- data type to the highest sized operand. It is known as type promotion. Data types are arranged lower size to higher size is as follows.

unsigned int(2 bytes), int(4 bytes),long (4 bytes), unsigned long (4 bytes), float(4 bytes), double (8 bytes), long double(10 bytes)

2) Explicit type conversion: It is known as typecasting. This is done by the programmer. The syntax is given below.

(data type to be converted) expression

Eg. int x = 10;

(float) x; This expression converts the data type of the variable from integer to float.

Question 24.

Write a C++ program to input a digit and print it in words.

(Hint: If digit = 1 then print. “ONE”)



using namespace std;

int main()


int n;

cout<<“Enter a number”;




case 1:



case 2:



case 3:



case 4:



case 5:



case 6: cout<<“Six”;


case 7:



case 8:



case 9:



case 0:




cout<<“lnvalid digit”;



Question 25.

Compare while loop and do while loop in C++.


While loop Do while loop
1. Entry controlled 2. Exit controlled
1. If the condition is false in the beginning the body will not execute 2. Even though the condition is false in the beginning, the body of the loop will be executed once

Question 26.

What is web browsing? Write the names of four web browsers.


The process of accessing internet is called web browsing. The popular web browsers are Google chrome, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, etc.

Question 27.

Explain any three e-Businees services.


E business(electronic Business): Providing services or running business through internet is called E-business.

  1. e-commerce and e-business: Both are different. E-commerce means Electronic commerce. It includes exchange of goods or services through internet that involves exchange of money whereas e-Business includes activities to run a business.
  2. Electronic Payment System(EPS): It is also called plastic money that is electronically exchange money between two individuals or firms(buyers and sellers) in an online environment.
  3. E-banking (Electronic Banking): Through electronic channel doing all the banking activities at any time and place through internet.

Answer any 2 questions from question numbers 28 to 30. Each carries 5 scores. (2 × 5 = 10)

Question 28.

a) “e-Waste is one of the major problems which

we are facing all over the world.” Justify the statement. (1)

b) Explain e-Waste disposal methods. (2)

c) Define the term, green-computing. How can you implement green-computing? (2)


a) Yes, This is one of the major problems which we are facing all over the world

b) e-Waste disposal methods

1) Reuse: Reusability has an important role of e-Waste management and can reduce the volume of e-Waste

2) Incineration: It is the process of burning e-Waste at high temperature in a chimney

3) Recycling of e-Waste: It is the process of making new products from this e-Waste.

4) Landfilling: It is used to level pits and cover by thick layer of soil.

5) Following are the steps to promote green computing

  • Green design: Design energy efficient and eco-friendly devices
  • Green manufacturing: reduce non-eco-friendly parts while manufacturing
  • Green use: Use energy saver devices
  • Green disposal: Use easily disposable devices

Question 29.

a) Consider the structure of C++ program given below and answer the following question.


using namespace std;

int main ()




Which is the preprocessor directive statement in the code? (1)

b) Explain the use header files in a program. (2)

c) Write C++ program to print the following message.

(Hint: Use only one cout statement).




a) #include

b) Header files help us to include the associate files that needed in our program.

c) #include<iostream>

using namespace std;

int main()





Question 30.

“Computer network has an important role in the modern communication”.

a) What is data communication? (1)

b) Explain any two guided media. (2)

c) List any four data communication devices. (2)


a) Data communication is the exchange of information between computers

b) Guided Media

  • Twisted Pair cable – 2 types unshielded twisted pair and shielded twisted pair. Two copper wires individually insulated and twisted around each other and put in a plastic cover.
  • Coaxial cable – A sturdy copper wire is insulated by plastic, it is covered just like a mesh by a conductor which is enclosed in an protective plastic coating, it is expenssive, less, flexible and more difficult to install. But it is more reliable and carry for higher data rates.
  • Optical fibre – These are made of glass fibres that are enclosed in a plastic jacket. It uses light instead of electrical signals. The light sources are LED or ILD.

C) NC, HUB, Switch, Repeater, Bridge, Router, Gateway

Plus One Computer Application Previous Year Question Papers and Answers

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