Peer Pressure: Short Essay on Peer Pressure and Its Effect

Essay on Peer Pressure

Peer pressure means the pressure of doing the things that are considered right as per the societal norms.

Put simply; it means that when there is an accepted mode of thinking or an approved set of actions, everyone in the peer group is expected to comply with those actions.

Peer pressure is an underrated problem. The biggest example where peer pressure plays an important role is when a girl or a boy gets to the age that is considered “right” for getting married. If a person is not married as per societal norms, peer pressure starts acting upon an individual. It is a big problem because many times people do things out of peer pressure even if they dislike it.

Another example of peer pressure is when graduates start looking for a job. If most people are working in mainstream companies and a person wants to think out of the box and do something different, he/she has to deal with a lot of peer pressure.

Children want you to buy toys or clothes like their friends because they want to be liked by them. Later on, in adolescence, they feel the pressure to take up certain activities such as dance or sport because most children around them do it. In a severe case, they may want to copy anti-social behaviors like bullying, smoking or even drugs under the pressure of the ‘popular’ children.

Peer pressure is an essential determinant of child behavior in growing-up years; sometimes even in later adult age groups. Healthy peer pressure can be a positive motivator for doing well in studies, sports, and curricular activities. In excess, it might become counter-productive for the individual. Though, sometimes, peer pressure can be a positive motivator, but it should not be allowed to take over one’s personal preference and one’s inner true calling.

Effects of Peer Pressure

Let’s check out how peer pressure affects our lives:

  • People get married out of peer pressure, and then they regret the decision, and that might lead to an unhappy life.
  • People choose career options out of peer pressure that leads them to face difficulties at the workplace
  • People also end up making the wrong choices out of peer pressure


To sum up, everyone should acknowledge their individuality and must not succumb to peer pressure while taking important decisions in life.

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