Park: Short Essay on Park for Students

Park can be defined as a natural habit or artificial habitat for wildlife and for recreation for the human. Parkgenerally may contain rocks, mountains, artefacts, rivers, monuments, playground, fountain etc. Some park like in North America have fields for playing sports like basketball, football etc. Park can be found in the urban area and likewise countryside or rural area. Urban Park is generally smaller than rural area park Durley to land mass and development.

Park is very vast in a land mass that can measure up to thousands of miles due to what it encompasses, some parks are located near body water, this can give room for canoeing, surfing etc. There can also be trails for biking, walking etc. Amusement Park is also a park that is based on attractions and it is the largest park in the world. A theme park is an example of Amusement Park that is based on a particular theme or structure.


The first park was in the medieval time, and it was the English deer parks. The park is set aside for hunting by the aristocracy and royalty of that time. The hunting ground also shows the worth if the owner and its status. Such hunting ground was usually located around mansions and county houses. The hunting ground has thick walls and hedges to restrict movement of the animals and humans. The hunting ground his strictly prohibited to the commoners or poachers.

List of parks in India

  • Anamudi Shola National Park in Kerala.
  • Anshi National Park in Karnataka.
  • Balphakram National Park in Meghalaya.
  • Simlipal National Park in Odisha.
  • Sariska Tiger Reserve in Rajasthan.
  • Sanjay National Park in Madhya, Pradesh.
  • Rajaji National Park in Uttarakhand.
  • Pannal National Park in Madhya, Pradesh.
  • Nameri National Park in Assam.


  • It’s a natural habitat undisturbed or semi-natural or artificial habitat.
  • Presence of wildlife animals like Elephants, Leopards, Tiger’s, reptiles, mammals and species of birds of Rajaji National Park in Uttarakhand.
  • In some cases there is a presence of water animals like we have in Balphakram National Park in Meghalaya and so on.


  • For preserving wildlife.
  • For recreation and leisure.
  • For exploring nature.
  • For scientific study.
  • Serves as a heritage.
  • Generation of income by the government or the owner.


Park is a place for recreation and leisure.

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