Paragraph on Mobile Phone

What is a mobile phone? A mobile phone is a type of hand held phone. It is called a ‘mobile phone’, because it can be carried around.

Unlike a traditional landline, a mobile phone is not rooted in a cable. In short, they are a telephone that you take with you.

Another name for ‘mobile phone’ is ‘cell phone’. Mobile phones are typically small electronic devices.

Features: Below are the main features of mobile phones.

  1. Hand held.
  2. Electronic.
  3. Mobile phones also use SIM cards.
  4. Some use satellite technology.
  5. Some have touch screens but others do not.
  6. Mobile phones can either be on a contract or pay as you go.
  7. Most mobile phones also have internet access.

Advantages: Below are 7 reasons why mobile phones are great.

  1. Easily portable.
  2. Handy in emergencies.
  3. Great for keeping in touch with friends.
  4. Light weight: these phones are a much more light weight option.
  5. Internet access: find out anything you like.
  6. Fun for playing games on.
  7. A good way to pass the time.
  8. Maps: no need to be lost with a mobile phone.
  9. Fashion: having a cellphone is something trendy in many cultures.

Disadvantages: Below are some reasons why mobile phones are not so good.

  1. Waste of time: phones can sap our precious time.
  2. A poor substitute for face to face communication.
  3. Bad for your health as you crane over them.
  4. Small screens can cause eye strain.
  5. We can become overly dependent on our phones.
  6. Risk of data security.
  7. Lack of focus: overuse of cellphones can shorten our attention span.
  8. Expensive: these devices can be pricey.
  9. Peer pressure: sometimes trends force us to buy devices we don’t really want.

Conclusion: Mobile phones should be used wisely.

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