Newspaper: Short Essay on Value of Newspaper


Newspaper is traditionally the paper copy of the Print Media, that is printed daily, by Publishing Houses to deliver the latest News to the general population, at a price.

The Value of the Newspaper has always been central to our understanding of the world. We live in a rapidly changing world. Many aspects of these world changes, affect and control our lives.

Hence it is important to stay in touch with the News, and that precisely is the Value of the Newspaper in our lives.

Value in various Dimensions of Mass Communication

Newspapers operate via various dimensions of mass communication. Though traditionally Newspapers were invented with the objective of communicating the latest News, over time they have reached far beyond this.

Value in News

News communication of course remains the primary and most read part of Newspapers even today. News can be of various types: world politics, national politics, science, medicine, technology, etc.

Value in Politics and Social change

Newspapers can operate as channels for political agenda in a country. They can become media for transformational change because they can be a uniting factor for mass opinion during social transformation.

Value in Marketing and Advertising

Newspapers reach a huge part of the population at once, and hence they are powerful media for advertising and marketing. Of course these are offered as separate channels in the Newspapers.

Value in Research and Development

Newspapers are a great medium to debate over the latest research and development in science, medicine and technology. Sometimes the moral aspects of modern research like for example: Nuclear Science, need to be debated publicly to estimate the good and bad aspects relevant to human well-being.

Value in Entertainment

Newspapers also provide separate sections for entertainment. These channels provide space for artists to express themselves and also entertain the readers at the same time. These sections also provide news and social changes related to the Arts, Movies, Theater, etc. parts of our social life.

Value in Changing Times

Newspapers of yesterday were more focused on printed paper copies. Newspapers of today are mostly available online as electronic soft copies. It is difficult to estimate how Newspapers will change in the future

Conclusion Newspapers are changing with changing times, but their Value remains central to our understanding of our world.

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