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Newspaper reading is a good habit. It offers numerous benefits including improving vocabulary, enhancing general knowledge and providing entertainment to name a few. We must all inculcate this habit to stay abreast with the latest happenings around the world.

Long and Short Essay on Newspaper Reading in English

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Short Essay on Newspaper Reading – Essay 1 (200 words)

Newspaper reading is one of the best habits one can inculcate. It provides detailed information about all the happenings across the globe sitting at one place.

Man is a social animal and in order to live comfortably and peacefully in the society one must know what is going on around him. Newspaper helps in providing information not only about your vicinity but also acquaints you with important news from around the world.

In the earlier times, there were only few publications but now there are a number of newspapers available in the market. There are specialised newspapers covering different domains to cater to the needs of different sections in the society. For instance, you can lay hands on business newspapers such as Economic Times, Business Standard and The Financial Express. Similarly, you can pick Metropolitan Daily Newspaper to know what’s going on in the metropolitan cities. However, it is best to go for a general-interest newspaper that contains all kinds of local and global news. These newspapers are divided into different sections to make it easier to find relevant news.

Reading newspaper does not only give an insight into the current affairs but also enhances vocabulary and improves reading skills. It is thus especially recommended for the students.


Essay on Importance of Newspaper in Student Life – Essay 2 (300 words)


Newspapers offer information about our locality as well as other parts of the world. Different kinds of newspapers are published to cater to the needs and interest of different people in the society. Reading newspaper is beneficial for everyone. However, students are especially advised to read newspaper regularly as these offer numerous benefits to them.

Importance of Newspaper in Student Life

Here is why it is important for the students to read newspaper:

  • Improve Reading Skills

Students must read the newspaper loud and clear in order to enhance their reading skills. Reading three-four paragraphs of any news that interests them daily can help in improving their reading skills.


  • Enhance Knowledge

Newspapers include latest information about different fields including sports, politics and business. Reading newspaper regularly helps in enhancing general knowledge and also provides knowledge about the current affairs. Having good knowledge on different subjects gives the students an edge over their peers.

  • Strengthen Vocabulary

Newspaper articles and news write-ups include rich vocabulary. Students who read newspaper regularly develop a good vocabulary which helps them in their academics and also come handy as they participate in different competitions.

  • Improve Grammar

Reading newspaper regularly is also a good way to improve grammar. Students who inculcate the habit of reading the newspaper regularly develop a greater understanding of the use of punctuations. They also become skilled at structuring sentences properly. It thus helps in enhancing their writing skills too.

  • Prepare for Competitive Examination

Reading newspaper regularly also helps in preparing the students for different competitive examinations as these tests mainly assess their general knowledge.


Students must take out some time from their schedule every day to read newspaper owing to the numerous benefits it offers. Parents and teachers must make sure that they develop this habit in children from the very beginning in order to prepare them better for the future.


Essay on Benefits of Reading Newspaper – Essay 3 (400 words)


Newspapers are a powerhouse of information. Reading newspaper offers numerous benefits. From providing information about our local areas to acquainting us with the happenings around the globe, from entertaining us with filmy gossip to offering food for thought by way of motivational articles, from providing employment opportunities to offering space for brand promotion – newspapers have so much in store for each one of us.


Benefits of Reading Newspaper

  • Acquaints with Current Affairs

Newspapers acquaint us with the latest happenings from around the world. In order to have knowledge about the current affairs it is essential to follow news regularly. Newspapers cover all the important news happenings and are a reliable source of news.

  • Provides Insight into Different Domain

Newspapers cover news from the world of politics, cinema, business, sports and more. Thus, they provide an insight into the current happenings in different domains.

  • Way to Find New Opportunities

Newspapers also include employment and business opportunities. Many companies seek candidates for different positions through newspapers. These are thus a good place to look for jobs.

  • Brand Promotion

Newspapers give enough room to advertise products and services. So, these are a good means for brand promotion. They help in connecting the consumers with businesses.

  • Helps Improve Vocabulary and Grammar

News and articles that form a part of the newspapers are written by highly learned and experienced writers. They use rich vocabulary. Newspapers can thus be a good means to improve vocabulary. Reading newspapers regularly can also help in improving grammar.

  • Helps Build Social Contacts

A person who reads newspaper regularly is well-versed with the latest happenings. He is more knowledgeable and worldly wise. Such people can speak on different subjects with confidence. They are an inspiration for many. They are respected in the society and everyone wants to connect with them. Reading newspaper regularly thus helps in building social contacts.

  • Kills Boredom

Newspapers are a good way to kill boredom. A person who develops the habit of reading newspaper daily can never feel bored as he will always have a company.


A person who doesn’t read newspaper misses out on a lot in life. He remains ignorant about the number of things whereas a person who reads newspaper regularly becomes more knowledgeable and confident. Not only students, businessmen and working professionals, newspaper must be read by people belonging to every walk of life. It has something useful for everyone. It is a good way to keep oneself busy and gain knowledge at the same time.


Essay on Value of Newspaper in our Daily Life – Essay 4 (500 words)


Newspapers are being read since decades. They created a revolution when they were first published as they connected people living far and wide with each other. These acted as a tool to spread awareness about what all was happening in different parts of the country as well as other parts of the world. Though, many people may have switched to news websites and apps, we cannot deny that newspaper still holds an important place in the society and is valued by many.

Value of Newspaper in Daily Life

Reading newspaper is a ritual for many people. They are unable to begin their day without going through the pages of newspaper. Newspaper is one of the first things they need after they wake up. Here is the value of newspaper in daily life for people belonging to different walks of life:

  • Value of Newspaper for Housewives

Housewives spend most part of their day completing their household tasks. They have numerous tasks to handle during a day. They hardly go out and thus often feel isolated. Newspaper keeps them connected with the outside world. It gives them a sense of association with the rest of the society.

  • Value of Newspaper for Business Men

Businessmen need to have complete knowledge about their industry as well as the market in general in order to do a successful business. Reading newspaper daily keeps them updated with the latest business news. Newspapers such as Business Standard and Economic Times are recommended for them.

  • Value of Newspaper for Working Professionals

In order to stay ahead of the competition, one must be well aware about the latest happenings around the world. This is a good way to expand knowledge which is essential for professionals working in any domain. A well-read and learned person is looked up to and respected by everyone around. This enhances their chances of growth at work.

  • Value of Newspaper for Students

Students are especially asked to read newspaper daily. This is because it offers them numerous benefits. Firstly, it improves reading skills. It also helps in developing good writing skills since it enhances vocabulary and improves grammar. Besides, it is one of the best ways to increase general knowledge which is helpful while giving competitive examinations. Games such as crossword puzzles and Sudoku test their analytical and observation skills as well as their knowledge.

  • Value of Newspaper for Retired People

Newspapers hold great value for the retired people. These are in fact read the most by these people. One of the reasons for this is that these people are from the time when there was no internet. Newspaper was the only source of news during that time. So, they are habitual to it. Even though many of them have learned how to use the internet, they still prefer newspaper over e-news. Most of their leisure time is spent in reading newspaper.


Newspapers have a lot to offer to everyone. These are available in different languages and at a cost effective price. These can thus be picked and read easily anytime and anywhere.


Essay on Newspaper Advantages and Disadvantages – Essay 5 (600 words)


Newspapers are easily accessible in the market. These economical pieces of paper encompass news from around the world. Most urban households in our country have subscribed to newspapers to receive their daily dose of news. These have been a part of our society since decades and hold their charm even in the age of e-news.

Advantages of Newspapers

Newspapers offer numerous advantages. Here is a look at the various advantages offered by them:

  1. All the Information under One Roof

Newspapers provide all the information under one roof. You do not have to go looking for the latest news elsewhere if you have subscribed to a general-interest newspaper. These newspapers are strategically divided into various sections such as current affairs, international news, business, sports, health, entertainment, etc. Each section covers news pertaining to its field. So, every important happening occurred in any field in any part of the world is available here.

  1. Source of Entertainment

Newspapers do not just contain serious news they can even be a source of entertainment. They contain news from the entertainment industry. They also have a section that includes puzzles, Sudoku and other such games to entertain you.

  1. Available in Various Languages

Newspapers are available in various languages with those in Hindi and English language being more readily available in our country. So, you can pick a newspaper in the language you are well-versed with to gain knowledge about the latest happenings.

  1. Easy to Access and Read

Newspapers are cost-effective and easily available in the market. You can read these anywhere and anytime without straining your eyes.

  1. Enhances Vocabulary and Grammar

Reading newspaper regularly can help enhance vocabulary over the time. It is also a good way to improve grammatical skills.

Disadvantages of Newspapers

While newspapers offer numerous advantages, they also have their set of disadvantages. Here is a look at the various disadvantages of newspapers:

  1. Wastage of Paper

Millions of newspapers are printed each day utilizing several million pieces of paper. In today’s times, when everything has gone online and we are advised to switch to e-bills to save the paper used on paper bills, why is so much paper being wasted on the newspapers? News can easily be read online.

  1. Can be Time Wasting

Most people who read newspaper have the habit of reading it in the morning with their cup of tea. This can be a waste of time. Instead of getting on with more productive tasks in the morning hours, people are glued to the newspaper to find out what others have been doing.

  1. Stale News

In the era of internet and news channels, newspapers seem to offer stale news. We get to know about the latest happenings around the world within minutes. Newspaper provides the same news after a day. We already know the details about various events even before the newspaper is printed.

  1. Twisted Facts

Different newspapers are influenced by different political parties. Thus, the facts stated in the newspapers can at times be twisted. These are twisted to suit the interest of these parties.

  1. Hamper Work

While reading newspaper regularly is a good habit however many people who read these on a daily basis get addicted to them. This addiction can hamper their work as they read through the entire paper before they begin with any other task.


Thus, newspapers offer both advantages and disadvantages. Providing information and entertainment, enhancing reading skills and improving grammar and vocabulary are some of the advantages while wastage of paper and misrepresentation of facts are some of the disadvantages. It has been seen that the advantages offered by newspapers outweigh the number of disadvantages. The age old habit of reading is thus being followed even today.



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