Nature vs. Nature – Essay

Nature v/s nurture is the debate that is ongoing as to the forming of a personality and whether it can be changed or not. Whether a child will inherit all its parents’ traits or that the personality can be influenced by training or providing a different environment has been a case for study in many scientific disciplines, especially Psychology


It is a well-known fact that a child inherits genes from both its parents. Hence the theory that promotes Nature in personality building proposes that there is very little that can be done to change one’s personality since it is already in the genes. The appearance, the intelligence, and illnesses are surely caused by nature. Do temperament and talents also come down as genes?

Nature can also be defined as the physical world, what’s in human environments including natural resources. Man is also part of nature. Ecology can be referred to as natura because it is the study of man and his environment. The term nature was coined from a Latin word called natura which means birth. Natura is the Latin translation of the Greek word physics, which means the characteristics of plant and animal and other features of the world that developed on their own or adaptive features of plant and animal.


The Proponents of nurture theory say that if the child is put in a different environment, it will grow up to be an entirely different person. If a progressive and comfortable atmosphere is provided to a child, he has no reason to be a person with negative mindset. Nurture means to take care or look after a particular thing in your possession.

The debate between nature and nurture is to give us insight on whether the behavior of human-influenced by its surrounding or environment. To give insight into whether the trait was inherited in the human prenatal stage, in genes or during a human lifetime. As we all know, genes carried a trait that human possesses like eye color, skin color, etc.

Inherited Trait vs. Acquire Trait

Nature and nurture play an important role in the life of a human. This helps to understand the difference between an acquired trait and inherited trait.

  • Inherited trait.

The inherited trait is a trait passed to the offsprings. This is found in the gene. And it is called Genotype.

  • Acquired trait.

This is an observable trait of behavior in an organism. This is termed Phenotype. This comes about the interaction of the inherited gene with its environment.


Nature is inherited while nurture is how it is being managed. Rather than go into extremes, it seems logical to accept that both nature and nurture have a role to play in developing a personality. What cannot be altered genetically can surely be improved by nurture.

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