My town is my world. It is where I was born and where I witnessed the world. It is the place where my kids live and where people are friendly to me. Whenever I fall sick or, get up into a predicament, the people come to help me though they have to leave all the important tasks they are entangled into. People here, dance on their feet on my every feat. My town is the only place where I feel utterly soothing and calming. The buildings are very modestly built and nothing is boasting and bragging about itself. Everything is welcoming here.

My town is a place where even animals are my friends. Dogs are very helpful and they protect my house from possible threats like robbery. Cows are also very friendly and I provide them with food every morning. With birds chirping and warbling all around, the atmosphere gets really enjoyable and pleasant.

The roads are very well developed here and, people have almost all kinds of facilities. There is no water irrigation problem and water comes all day long. Public transport is very convenient in my hometown and, the buses make me reach my destination at the earliest. The traffic is well controlled and people stop their vehicles for elders and children crossing the road.

The people have acquired all the modern technologies and gadgets. People live up to date here, and they lead a luxurious life. The earnings are healthy and people have established their business successfully. They are expanding their businesses to other cities and countries as well, hence, spreading the good name of the town.

The educational level of the town is at prime. Children thrive for education. Female education is highly promoted here. People raise funds so that poor children of the town could go to school. Career guidance is given by expert personnel to all the students so that they can pursue their desired field.

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