My School – Short Essay

My school was a public school in Kolkata. It was located in the middle of my town. It had nearly 10,000 students and it offered classes from nursery to matric. All the neighbourhood kids went to my school. My school had been built a few years after partition. It was an old English style building with many grounds.

I was sent to this school because my older siblings had been its students. They had become successful in their fields and my parents wished the same for me. I was very glad to have followed in their footsteps.

Reasons Why I Loved my School:

My school was the best place ever because:

  • It was one of the top ten in education
  • It was spacious
  • The teachers at my school were kind and helpful

My school was popular in my city because its students always secured top positions. The education system along with the attendance sheet was good. My school was divided into 3 buildings. There was the main building which had the principal’s office, the staff room and clerk’s offices along with laboratories. The second building was for primary and secondary classes. The third building was for higher secondary classes.

We also had a sports ground for basketball, cricket and football. Many inter-school matches were played in my school. My school was spacious in terms of big rooms and grounds. We never felt shortage of space even during assemblies and sports day. Many celebrations were held easily in our school like Independence Day, Diwali, Holi, etc.

At my school teachers were smart, kind and helpful. They didn’t have to be very strict with us. They covered lesson plans efficiently and swiftly. They also taught us many skills which came handy later on. They organised co-curricular activities for us to keep us physically and mentally active. They taught us in an informative and interesting manner. They were our mentors and guided us in many ways. All these things made me enjoy my school very much.

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