My School Picnic – Short Essay

My School Picnic – Short Essay

My School Picnic

A school going child’s life holds numerous occasions for joy. But none are as full of joy as that of a school picnic. My school picnic was my most favourite occasion. It came once a year like clockwork.

Like most kids, the happiness of going outside of school boundaries with all school students was infectious. Nobody could contain their excitement for it. Plans were made days before the picnic with great zeal.

My School Picnic
My School Picnic

My Favourite Things about My School Picnic:

I can readily list my favourite things about my school picnic:

  • Getting to wear casual clothes
  • Favourite snacks for lunch
  • Games with my classmates
  • Visiting new places

I remember not being able to sleep the night before from excitement. My school picnic trip would fill me with extra energy. I would carefully select my outfit. Plan what lunch I would take. Which bag would accompany you on the trip? I would talk endlessly about the things I wanted to do during it.

We were often taken to amusement parks, zoo, beach and farmhouses. My most favourite school picnic was at the amusement park. It was a huge water park with dozens of fun rides and games. Teachers would accompany us and book our tickets to child-friendly rides in advance. Because we would go from school we were given special attention by the park employees.

Our favourite cartoon characters would greet us at the entrance. We would be handed our tickets and split into groups so that teachers could keep track of us. We would use the buddy system and wear school ID cards. Our teachers would have fun with us too by competing in games with us. At noon we would unite for a lunch at a small restaurant and exchange our activities. Many of us would win prizes at games too. It made all children happy. The teachers made sure to take pictures for parents which preserved the happy moments. We would spend the whole day at the park and return before sunset. I enjoyed my school picnic a lot.

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