My School Life – Short Essay

If I were asked to share my most treasured moments in life I would list my school life on top. My school life was an important part of my life. It was my most valuable experience. I learned a great deal during my school life. I can’t imagine how people survive without school life.

My school life began with my admission in nursery class at the age of 2. I was an active, happy student. I enjoyed being surrounded by kids. I was fond of colours from the very beginning which only grew with time. My school life achievements were the biggest source of my parent’s pride.

How I Came to Love My School Life:

I came to love my school life when I reached secondary classes because:

  • I finally appreciate the importance of education
  • I felt privileged to be a student
  • I learned how to use my passion for good

It wasn’t until a fundraiser was thrown at my school that I realised the true significance of my school life. The fundraiser was organised to support children without means to education. It opened my eyes to the reality of the world outside my bubble. I had never realised how privileged I was to be going to a school. Education was expensive, and without my parents’ support, I couldn’t have gotten it.

This made me appreciate every moment of school. It inspired me to study hard. To set goals for myself and to achieve them. My school life was marked by the lessons taught by my teachers. They shaped my vision for a better world. They taught me to do good and be good. I was made aware of what a powerful tool education is in life.

If I hadn’t realised this in my school life I wouldn’t have gotten to the point where I am today. I would not have realised my passion for community service. I help others with my skills and talents today due to my school life.

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