My School Days – Short Essay

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The saying school years are golden years is a true proverb for me. My school days were my best days. I enjoyed them a lot. I reflect on those days as the defining moment of my life. It shaped me as the person I am today. I owe my life’s successes to my school days.

From nursery to high school graduation day, my school days are a vivid recollection in my memory. Whenever a friend from school reaches out to me I am taken back to those happy days of my life.

My school days were a culmination of experiences that taught me many valuable lessons. I learned to read, write, think and communicate there. I gained knowledge which would help me in life. I can go on and on about my school days.

Why My School Days Were Golden:

My School days were golden for a number of reasons:

  • They helped me shape my personality
  • They gave me good experiences

My school days were a treasure chest of valuable lessons and experiences. I made many good friends at my school. I experienced social skills first-hand. I was taught to read, write and think critically. To develop my thoughts in coherent expressions. I learned valuable skills there. I learned to debate, paint, play sports and exercise to maintain physique.

My teachers and my classmates mentored me. My teachers taught me much of what I know about life. They shared their experiences and guided me. They were my models of success which I aspired to imitate. They aided me in discovering my life’s path. They supported, encouraged and motivated me a lot. My friends were an immense blessing as well.

My friends were my true companions in all moments of life. They raised me up when I couldn’t stand up, they cheered me up when I was down. They helped me stay on track with class progress when I got sick. I never could have made it through my school days without their friendship. All these experiences made my school days the best days of my life.

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