My Pet Parrot – Short Essay

My Pet Parrot

Many children have had one or two pets in their lives. I was no exception. I was given my pet parrot Mitthu when I was eight years old. Mitthu is a male rose-ringed parakeet. He has a red neck ring and he is green all over. It is an herbivorous bird and its species thrives around the world.

I called my pet Mitthu because he enjoys eating a fruit which is called meetha in India. He was a baby bird when he was handed to me in a beautiful silver cage. He spends his time swinging on his swing, eating and trying to speak like me.

My pet’s traits:

Mitthu is a never-ending source of joy and comfort for me because:

  • He keeps me company
  • He is smart

Mitthu is fond of eating mangoes, chillies, and apples. His favourite time pass is singing and eating. He has learned to speak and imitate sounds. He can form short sentences. He entertains everyone with his silly antics. He talks and sings like a child. He is fond of watching Bollywood movies with my mother. He often repeats dialogues and amuses everyone. Mitthu doesn’t fly much but he is able to dive and flutter around the room. We let him out of his cage sometimes and he chooses to sit on our shoulders or head.

Mitthu is a favourite among the neighbourhood kids who visit him regularly. They bring him treats and spend time with him. Mitthu adores the kids too. He looks forward to their visits. He calls all the kids by their names which they love to hear. He often pleads for crackers dipped in chai.

My pet parrot is like a family member to me. He entertains us and keeps us company. He is learning how to speak by listening to us talk. He picks up tricks very quickly. He plays with our pet dog as well. He often rides the dog by perching on his back which is very funny to see. I love my pet parrot very much.

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