My Pet Dog – Short Essay

I got my pet dog, Rocky, when I was twelve. I shared Rocky with my older brother who adopted him from a pet shelter. Rocky was a Kombai breed that was similar to a terrier. Kombai dogs are known for their loyalty, intelligence and strength.

My Rocky was no different. He had a black mask at his muzzle, a square body with equal length and height. He was roughly 24’ tall and weighed nearly 3 pounds. He always had a red collar around his neck that bore his name Rocky in gold. He was an affectionate, friendly dog loved by all.

Why I Loved My Pet Rocky:

Rocky was the best pet I could ever have because:

  • He was a good guard dog
  • He was my friend
  • He learned tricks quickly

Rocky was a great pet because he guarded us very loyally. He would bark at strangers and alert us to danger. He would quickly come to our aid if one of us got injured. He called for help by barking loudly. He was alert and adapted to his surroundings very quickly. He was my friend and companion during most of my life. He would accompany me to my matches, to the park and even to the market.

Rocky loved to play fetch and would often be ready with his leash to go out. He made me laugh a lot. He would act silly to cheer me up when I felt sad. All my friends loved Rocky because he knew many tricks. He could roll over, sit, crawl and play dead at command. My brother taught him to shake hand and high five too. Everyone enjoyed his little show whenever he put it up. He would get showered with treats which he loved.

Rocky was like a family member to us all. He was in all our family portraits and videos. I spent a lot of time with him. There is not a moment of my childhood which doesn’t include Rocky.

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