My Motherland – Short Essay

My Motherland

No land is as dear to me as my motherland, India. It is my birthplace, my home and my teacher. Home to people belonging to more than 50 faiths. India is our mother and she takes care of us. Shapes us into becoming who we are.

India inspires us to unite and work hard. She compels us to remember our cultures, traditions and to pursue advancement in various fields with their aid. Indian life is bound inextricably with the cultures, faiths and traditions. Indian life is flavoursome and abundant in life. India brings up soldiers, doctors, scientists, technicians, and teachers. She raises them under her wing and teaches them to conquer new heights with their skills.

My Motherland and her teachings:

My motherland teaches us to become the epitome of humanity by:

  • Remembering the past
  • Remaining steadfast on our faith
  • Helping humanity

To be an Indian means to acknowledge the long history that comes with the title. India has seen many years of life. She has witnessed many battles, bloodshed and losses yet she stands stronger than ever. Her mightand power is a testament to her ability to flourish despite all odds. India celebrates diversity, encourages it and nourishes it. She gives freedom to all and cherishes it.

India is very firm in her humanitarian principles. Brotherhood is essential to her success. In spite of all differences in caste, colour and faith she brings everyone together under the shade of humanity. India advocates charity, help and looking out for each other. The bond between Indians is greater than any other bond. At her toughest times, India’s children have shown that they will unite against injustice, poverty and corruption.

Indians serve their motherland with zeal and pride. She is worshipped, nourished and fed by her people. By either protecting her borders or taking care of her children. Each Indian plays his or her part in looking after their motherland.

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