My Mother Essay

My Mother

For young kids, the topic of my mother essay for Class 3 presents a great opportunity to express their views and the emotional bond that they share with their mothers. Every child enjoys writing about this topic as it brings a wide smile on their faces while writing a paragraph on my mother for Class 3.

From the PDF attached below, you can download 10 lines on my mother’s essay for Class 3 kids for free. Your kid can refer to this while drafting an essay on this topic:

An Essay On My Mother For Class 3 – Free PDF

My Mother Essay for Class 3

  • My mother’s name is Janette Thomas.
  • She works as a school teacher in St. Mary’s Convent located at Mumbai.
  • She works very hard and takes care of each member of my family.
  • She cooks delicious meals for all of us and always prays to God for the well-being of the entire family.
  • My mother always helps me in my studies and is ever ready to sacrifice her sleep during my exams.
  • She always urges me to follow the righteous path of life and motivates me to work hard.
  • She helps my father and grandparents in making positive decisions in life.
  • She is my best friend and I share every small detail about myself with her.
  • She is always concerned about the welfare of every member of my family.
  • I pray to God to bless my mother with good health and a happy life.

 That was a 10-lines paragraph on my mother for Class 3 kids. This essay for Class 3 kids will help them to express their views about their moms in a simple manner.

A Short Essay on My Mother for Class 3

My mother is a living example of an angel, and she has guided me on my path in life. I have special respect and admiration for my mother because she is my first teacher who shows me the right path in life. 

I love her because she has helped my father and all my family members in every life decision. In my eyes, my mother is a symbol of love, honesty, truth and compassion. For a child, a mother is the most caring and loving person a child can ever come across in life. A mother is your first friend and your best friend, whom you can always depend upon.

Mother Daughter
Mother Daughter

Essay on My Mother

The superwoman who always stands with me is one and only ‘My Mother‘. When I was a growing baby to become young she looks after whole day without caring for herself. She knows everything what we need and at which time, and she provides the same.

I understood the actual meaning of love, affection, care, responsibility etc from my mother. She is my first teacher who taught me everything. When I started crawling she encouraged me to walk, when I fell down she hold my hands and make me walk. She taught me how to speak and what to speak and everything which requires to grow. She always forgives me for my silly mistakes. Many times she scold me for my mistakes so that I can improve myself.

Mother is the Key Person in my family who connects all the family members. She always takes care of all the family members for their health and food. She helps me with my homework and assignments and always cares about my academics, carrier, and future. Mother is the best creation of God in this universe who loves his child unconditionally. Love you mom.


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