My Mom – Short Essay

There are very few people whom I admire and respect in this world, one of them is my mom.

My mom is a simple housewife with no airs or artificiality in her nature. She is a kind-hearted, honest and humble woman. She leads a simple lifestyle that suits her immensely.

My mom is in her late fifties, but she ages gracefully. She keeps herself busy with odd housework, sewing, knitting and gardening. She rarely sits idle, and if very fond of telling jokes. She is a favourite among her circle of friends due to her good nature. My mother is empathetic, she rarely gets angry but when she does, she displays it gracefully.

Why I adore my mom:

My mom’s personality can be owed to three things:

  • Her nature
  • Her beliefs
  • Her principles

My mom is an optimist with a healthy practical approach to life. She tends to find the good in every person and situation. She has instilled these same beliefs to me which help me overcome life obstacles. She has a level-headed manner of making decisions. She has a belief system that she credits to her peaceful life. She believes in doing good and spreading goodness. She is charitable and volunteers annually to be of service at the homeless kitchen.

She also follows certain principles that keep her grounded. She doesn’t believe in gossiping, lying, or hurting others intentionally. She goes out of her way to help others and teaches me to do the same. She enjoys movies, outdoor dining, walking at the park. She surrounds herself with nature, beauty and soulful pleasure.

My mother is an exceptional human being. Her kindness, compassion and courage inspire me to be a better person. Whenever I feel stuck or low in spirits she is there to help me through it. She cheers me up instantly and shows me there is more to life than just winning. I can’t imagine a life without my mom. She is simply amazing.

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