My India – Short Essay

I greatly revere my country, India. I don’t say, it is India, I say it is my India. It is my own India. It is my home country. It is where I took birth and it is where I want to die.

My India has been the home to my ancestors. My ancestors have fought for my India. When the British invaded India, for its royalty and richness, my ancestors came up as freedom fighters and, told them loud and clear, that, it is our India. It is India of our children. We will never give it away to anyone. We will fight for our India. They gave their lives so that today, I can proudly stand and say, that it is ‘my India’!

My India is an incredible land. It is the land which is fertile to its very roots. It is the land which bears nature and greenery all over it. It is the land which accepts all kinds of people, regardless of their caste, color or creed. It is the land where people have no fear of walking on the streets. Where people love each other. Where there is brotherhood everywhere. My India is a land where great individuals are produced, despite the scarcity of the basic resources, where people, who can change the whole world, reside. My India is a place where cultural traditions are still intact while the acquaintance of modernity. My India is a place where people respect religions and pledge their subservience to them, where people celebrate every festival together, where people help the needy. My India is a land, where people are loyal with each other. Where nobody Cons and swindles anyone, where people do business in its purest form.

When I say my India, it becomes my responsibility to protect it, as my ancestors did. I should take up the task of cleaning my India from all kinds of tangible and intangible garbage and rubbish. It is my duty to contribute to the betterment of my India. To make My India, a better place to live.

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