My Idol is My Father – Short Essay

I don’t have a celebrity or a famous personality, or a sportsman as my idol. My idol is my father. He is the only one I look at. I evaluate the conscience of my decisions, looking at him. I imagine what he would have decided if he had to take this decision. It makes my life a lot easier.

My father is a great personality himself. His approach towards life is totally different. He says that we should give life our very best rather than expecting the very best from life. Then only life will give us the best of the best. \

I always stay with my father. Whenever I have time, I go to work with him and see how he deals with people. It is always a fruitful time spent with him. I get to learn new things about life. I get to learn how to keep others happy, and still take work from them in the best way possible.

My father says that appreciation is a magic wand. You can just say a spell of appreciation and, you’ll see the person you appreciated, doing magical things. Whenever I go with him to his office, I see him greeting even the newest and the low positioned staff with a broad smile. After my father goes pass them, I see their faces and they are filled with happiness. It becomes the highlight of their day that, their boss gave them a broad smile! This is how he wins hearts on his every step. He never refuses to do even the slightest of things by himself. Though there are servants in the house, he still switches off all the lights and fans by himself. He says, ‘why should we miss out on the opportunity and nobleness of saving electricity?!’

My father always teaches me, how to have a holistic approach to everything. He teaches me how I can apply the doctrines taught to me by my religion in my day to day life. If my father is such a noble and well-mannered person, then who can stop me from making him my idol?!

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