My Hometown – Short Essay

My hometown is one of India’s largest city called Kolkata which is situated in West Bengal. It is a metropolitan city that came into being under the British rule in the 1800s. It is popularly known as the City of Joy. It was previously called Calcutta. Chief languages spoken in Kolkata are Bengali, Hindi and English.

Kolkata is a colourful place full of life and vigour. It is unique in its infrastructure which appears to be a chaotic mess of the old and the new. Advanced technology merges harmoniously with ancient artifices. This combination marks the distinctive personality of Kolkata. The economic condition is quite good here and people from all classes can afford to live here. Transport and food are cheaper than other cities as well.

The people of the city are of equally mixed lifestyles. They adhere to old values while embracing the latest technology. It is an amusing eccentricity underlined by good-naturedness and big-heartedness. The staple food is fish and rice, and you can find a variety of these in the food streets. The people here are very welcoming and hospitable towards foreigners and locals alike. They are also cultured in arts, music and literature.

Kolkata boasts some of the most attractive tourist spots in the form of Science City, Howrah bridge and Victoria Memorial among many others. The markets in Kolkata are also beyond comparison. Maidan, Burra Bazar and Park street are infamous for their variety of products.

People in search of entertainment will not be disappointed by the festivals held in Kolkata. Locals will inform you that the best time to visit the city is during the Durga Puja festivities which are held in the fall season. Kolkata shines brightly during this time of the year and enamors all with her beauty.

It is home to many legends including Samar Sen, Amartya Sen, C.V.Raman. Kolkata gave birth to them and raised them to live their true potential. Here, people of all faiths and race live in harmony. Places of worship for all faiths can be found here as well. I love my city because it is full of energy. It is my hometown. I have friends and loved ones here.

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