My Hobby – Short Essay

My hobby is to collect stamps from all around the world. I have a huge collection of stamps that is kept in 4 albums. I have collected almost 745 stamps. Stamp collecting is a popular hobby and it is also known as

Stamp collecting requires patience and determination. I collected my stamps by saving up my pocket money. I would go to the post office once a month where the postman would present a collection of stamps to me. I would select the ones I didn’t already have. So far I have collected stamps from 27 countries. Out of these, many are of presidents, kings, queens, princes and notable people. My biggest collection is from India. I have stamps that go as far as a pre-partition era.

Exclusive stamps are also a certain type of stamps which are circulated for a limited time. For instance, stamps with celebrities, scientists, are rarely available. The older the stamp, the more its monetary value is. Stamps are so valuable that they are even presented at private auctions around the world. They convey an important part of the history of a country.

Previously you could only collect stamps by going to other countries and with the assistance of other people. But now it is easy to view and purchase stamps from online stores. I usually buy my stamps from the Post Office but sometimes my relatives bring me some stamps as well.

Everyone at home supports my hobby. My grandfather is especially fond of it and we get together every month to paste my stamps into albums. The key to preserving stamps is to make the stamp damp enough to peel off the back paper without damaging the front. It requires caution and steady hands. My grandfather taught me how to do this.

Stamp collection is a good hobby because it teaches you to appreciate culture, your history and tradition. It instills values in you which shape you as a person. All of my friends envy my stamp collection. But they also support it by going out of their way to bring me stamps from their travels abroad. Instead of wasting time on television and computers, children should be encouraged to adopt hobbies like Stamp collecting.

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