My Friend – Short Essay

I don’t how my life would’ve turned out if it weren’t for my friend Rohan. We have been friends for nearly 16 years. We met at an elementary school and remained friends ever since. Rohan and I are so close that we get mistaken for brothers all the time.

Our families have also gotten used to us. In fact, they also became friends because of us. It helps that we live in the same neighborhood. Rohan is 26 years old. He is studying to become a journalist at a leading newspaper. He even secured an internship in the summer because of his writing. He is one of the smartest people I know and the funniest. Whenever I feel down and depressed I can count on Rohan to cheer me up. Or make fun of me till I forget my troubles and laugh with him.

I admire Rohan because he is a hard worker and honest. He never minces his words and gives it to me straight. I can count on him to give me honest advice. His unique view of things and life makes him an interesting person. He is quite witty as well. I enjoy his company a lot.

We share many common interests as well. Gaming, sports, reading, watching movies and hiking are some of the activities which we do together. Our parents joke about how we are attached to the hip bone. We have even stayed over at each other’s places for the length of time. We have become a family.

Rohan is an extrovert who likes to meet new people and learn more things. I am more of an introvert with a limited circle if left to my own. But Rohan makes sure I’m involved. Because of his enthusiasm for new experiences I have been able to do many things which I never would have done on my own.

Last summer he made me take diving lessons with him and then we swam into the ocean. We saw sea life and it was an amazing experience for me. It made me appreciate life more and since then I have become more open to Rohan’s plans. I am glad to have him as my friend.

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