My First Day at College – Short Essay

My First Day at College was a memorable day for me. I had butterflies in my stomach. I was wearing my newly bought uniform and shoes. My bag was on my shoulder and I was nervous so much I kept adjusting my tie. The huge halls of the college building were decked with the portraits of the founders of the college.

As I sat through my orientation I was feeling more confident in my abilities thanks to the words of the Dean. He was a short man with a dominating personality. The rumors about him were that he was tough but fair. Later, I would come to respect his man as my mentor.

My first day began with orientation in which I was introduced to the teachers and the staff. We were apprised of our duties and the college’s code of conduct. Once the orientation was over we were free to roam the college and familiarize ourselves with the place for the day. First day classes were introductions for five minutes only. It was up to us to sign up for our optional courses. Our compulsory classes began in full form though. We were handed our course lists and instructed to do a reading of initial pages.

I made friends quickly with a bunch of like-minded boys who I would later call my brothers. It was a boarding college so, I was glad to discover my new friends would be sharing the room with me. My first day at college was off to a great start.

I explored the college grounds with my new friends that evening. We hiked through the woods in the back. The college was built on vast acres of lands. Prominent people of society had funded generously to construct the building. It was ensured that all facilities were at the disposal of teacher and students. I particularly enjoyed the tour of the computer lab, garden and the library.

Mid-day we had lunch at the cafeteria, and by evening supper was served. My friends and I spent the night discussing our course options and joking. I remember feeling at peace, my anxiety had subsided. I enjoyed my first day at college a lot.

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