My Favourite Subject (English) – Short Essay

Importance Of English Language

Very few subjects can boast the depth, veracity and breadth of topics aside from my favourite subject, English. I love this subject because despite being the youngest subject in comparison to the literature of other languages it still offers a diverse range of emotions, themes, morals, values and passion which is unexpected.

English is one of the most spoken languages worldwide. It conveys the full range of human experience and expression.

English language has offered a free form of expression which led to the development of many narrative forms in art, writing, poetry, fiction, and criticism. If we consider poetry alone, we can note the contribution made to the language just by analyzing the contribution of William Shakespeare. He infused words with human emotions and circumstances. It defined the way people choose to express themselves centuries after Shakespeare died. He demonstrated the mutability of the English language which gave birth to many defining critical thought movements.

Psychology, Medicine, Philosophy, Arts, are just some of the fields that have profited from the evolution of the English language. The unique aspect of the English language is its ability to transform expression to suit the content it conveys. The English literary canon is a testament to this. Writers from all over the world can learn this language and adapt to it easily.

English is the chief language of communication in all aspects of life. Governments and citizens around the world use it to bridge communication gaps, make important alliances, earn a livelihood. Without the English language, there would be no advancements in expression, effective communication, solidarity among nations. The syntax would be in chaos and lack of simplicity in words would derail progress.

The significance of the English language and literature is notable when one studies other languages as well. All languages have undergone profound changes since the emergence of English literature. Sonnets, monologues, soliloquy, poststructuralism, linguistics, etc are just some of the chief contributions of the English language. It also has the capacity to empathize, to inculcate values, instill morals, inspire humanity and spread hope. Hence, it is the most popular subject in the world with countless courses being offered in all institutions around the globe. It is for these reasons and more, my favourite subject is English.

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