My Favourite Season – Short Essay

My favourite season is summer. I love enjoying the warmth of the sun shining down on me. Most people find summer annoying because it makes them sweaty, thirsty and hot. I don’t mind all these things even though I live in the sunniest of place; Kolkata, India.

The summer season has many perks which I look forward to each year. Mangoes, rain showers, gola-ganda (ice balls dripped with syrups), all the best things come in summer.

We even get lengthy vacations during summer season because it is a season meant to be enjoyed to the fullest.

Reasons why I like summer season:

My top 3 reasons for liking summer are:

Spending time with family
Rain showers
Having fun
I particularly favoured summer because all my family members would gather at grandma’s. My cousins, aunts, uncles, everyone would take great pleasure in relaxing and having fun together. We rarely got an opportunity to do this at other time of the year. My idea of having fun would be to play cricket, visit tourist spots, festivals, and waterparks with cousins. Summer allows for boundless entertainment as opposed to other seasons. The days are longer and vivacious. The city comes alive with splendour during summer.

Summer season is rewarding because of these unexpected rain showers that thrill the city folks. Everyone seems happier after rainfall.

Another reason why I am fond of summers is because my grandmother used to treat us children to mango ice-cream. This was done without our parent’s knowledge and the secrecy behind it made the ice–cream taste sweeter. I treasure this memory a lot.

Every time summer season leaves I find myself wistfully reliving the season. I forget all the bad experiences and remember only the good. There are plenty of good memories attached to summer. It’s why I consider it my favourite season.

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