My Favourite Scientist – Short Essay

Scientists are great individuals. They bring about innovation. They introduce us to new things. They are the ones who have the power to uncover and discover things which may be in front of us but, we couldn’t see them or discover them. Scientists play a very crucial role in the development of a country and the world at the whole. One invention can benefit thousands of lives. Every necessary thing we use in our day to day lives is an invention by some renowned scientist. But, we take scientists for granted and don’t care for their feats and how they have benefitted us.

My favourite scientist is late A.P.J Abdul Kalam. He was a great personality. He was a true scientist. He knew the science of life more than tangible science. He knew how love can discover inventions of great potential, hidden in people. His motto to help everyone was the greatest discovery in itself.

It was sir APJ Abdul Kalam who came out as a scientist and discovered the act of helping. He showed people how to help. How can everyone help and invent a world where nobody fights. Where lending a helping hand is a must. He was the true scientist as he knew the chemistry of hearts. He knew how to win hearts. The way he used to send waves of euphoria into children were no less than electric waves. He knew exactly which wire to hit with the current.

With this, he was also a successful scientist in tangible science. He was the missile man of India. He was the one who invented missiles for India. His contributions to the scientific sector of India has been great. And of course, we know how good he was in the sector of hearts and souls.

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