My Favourite Game (Football) – Short Essay

My favorite game is football. It is one of the oldest sports to date. It is played with a black and white checkered ball that is kicked around. Two teams of eleven players each participate in the game. The score is kept by kicking the ball into the opposing team’s goalpost and scoring the most number of goals. The injury risk is high in this game, but it doesn’t deter people from playing it.

International matches between countries are an eagerly anticipated season around the world. In these games, new talents are introduced. Barcelona, Madrid, Brazil, Chelsea, Liverpool, Germany, England, and Spain,etc., are some of the top teams with players whose names are synonymous with football. My favorite footballers are Messi, Ronaldo and Beckham. Their unbelievable performance in football matches has taken the world by storm. There is no corner of the world where their name is not known.

I play football for my college team as well. I am the midfield player which means I tackle the opposing players and ensure my teammates score a goal. Football requires a lot of practice and agility. Our coach makes us practice daily. We are also assigned a specific diet and a strict exercise regime to help us stay in shape for the inter-college championship season. My college has won a dozen games since the matches began to be held. Team morale is high during football season and we have managed to win the first and second place trophy since I joined.

Because we bring honor to our college we are treated somewhat like celebrities there. My teammates and I are fast friends and we play for fun as much as possible. We even play football on Xbox and study the moves of the great players in the hopes of learning moves from them. My family is also enthusiastic about football. We watch football matches religiously in our house. My youngest brother, who is 8, knows all the rules of the game by heart.

I love football because it taught me discipline, time management, critical thinking and strategy development. I learned these skills by playing it. I aim to represent my country in football one day.

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