My Dream – Short Essay

Dreams are really important. Dreams determine our character. What dreams we have, what ambitions we have in life would determine our approach towards life.

We should dream big. We should be positive and dream the highest we can. Because only if we would dream big God will extend his blessings and grace but if we would dream small, God will give us the smallest of his grace and blessings. Dreaming indicates God about how ready we are to accept his grace. He is sitting to give manifold grace but, it’s upon us that, how much we can accept and take. If we would dream big, God will know that we are ready to accept manifold grace and blessings. And, he will munificently shower his grace upon us. \

However, dreaming doesn’t mean daydreaming and getting lost into the world of thoughts. It means being wise and achieving the dreams. My dream is to become a world-famous writer. I know I have a big dream. But, I believe in God that he’ll surely help me out. He likes big things and people who can think big. For me, dreaming is not about sitting and thinking sweet thoughts about my success. It is, living the dream everyday, working hard for it every single day, writing every single day.

Most people think that dreams come true after a long period of hard work and determination. But, it’s not like that for me. For me, whenever I write, I feel I am living my dream. And, this eventually gives me more motivation and inspiration to work harder to achieve the highest level of my dream, which is becoming a world famous writer. Most people lose the momentum while chasing their dreams thinking that destiny is far away. I say that if people, start working for their dream every single day, and start enjoying it as if they are literally living their dreams, they will never lose momentum and they will reach the zenith of their dreams with efficiency. Living my dream satisfies me and keeps me from getting deterred by the criticism I have to face. I hope that I keep living my dream until I reach the apex of it.

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