My Daily Routine – Short Essay

I am a creature of habit. I find myself at ease when things go according to plans. This is not to say I find change upsetting but that I prefer things function like clockwork. Because of this, I have crafted my daily routine perfectly.

My mornings begin half an hour before the break of dawn. An alarm clock springs me out of bed and I wash up. I drink a glass of water and head out for a morning run. This morning run helps keep me energetic through the day. After the run, I return home to shower and have breakfast with my family. Because I am particular about my diet, my breakfast consists of a healthy meal. My only weakness, however, is coffee. A steaming mug of Espresso is a weekday necessity for me.

After breakfast, I drop my siblings to their school and head to my office. As an engineer, I have a rather demanding schedule most days, so I ensure I have my lunch with me. Some days when the work is less hectic I join my co-workers in a relaxation hour at the cafeteria. The banter continues throughout work nonetheless. I have my lunch around 2 pm and juice at 4 pm. The peon at my office has fallen in sync with my routine. My punctuality for things has earned me the nickname Captain at the office. It is rather amusing to my co-workers.

I leave office at 7 pm when work is done on time and head home to my family. After a change of clothes, refreshments are served, and we discuss our day. My father likes to engage me in sports debate which I tend to enjoy. My mother and siblings serve dinner and we dine together. Sometimes my siblings require my assistance with their homework, so I tutor them. When they are asleep, my parents and I enjoy a night cap green tea. I retire to bed around 10 pm with a book. Reading helps me to stay grounded and distance myself from my daily responsibilities long enough to relax me. I try to list a couple of things I am grateful for, before sleeping. A little acknowledgment like this is what makes my routine worthwhile.

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