My College Life – Short Essay

School days are considered your golden days, but in my experience, college days are much better. I remember the first day I came to my college for orientation. I was excited, nervous and had butterflies in my stomach.

I was about to begin my college life. The huge halls of the college building seemed to echo with the lives of all the students who had come before us. I was considerably awed. At the orientation, we were introduced to our teachers and informed of the guidelines to be followed by us. The Dean of the college was a man with a commanding personality. Later, we came to respect him and admired him immensely for his mentor-ship.

My college life was made memorable by my friends. We used to spend nearly all our time together. We tutored each other, played together and pushed each other to do better. The bond of brotherhood only grew stronger with each year we spent at college. Some would even say we knew each other better than our families did. We were supportive of each other’s goals. We were also a loud bunch, but the teachers gave up admonishing us when they noticed how we excelled in our studies.

We also got into heaps of trouble. Playing pranks on fellow students was our pass time. But we never took things too far. My most defining moment at college was joining the debate committee. I had joined as a joke but discovered I had a flair for it. From there my life took a direction I had never thought possible. I became a prize-winning orator, debater, and won the student council presidency. All these challenges made me appreciate life and my time at college. It equipped me with skills and harnessed my talents. In my final year, I took a risk and dropped my business courses in favor of humanities. My parents were livid of course.

But once they realized what a positive impact college had made on my life, they supported my decision. I tried to make them proud by dedicating myself to my studies. My college life was a series of rare experiences which I could never have acquired anywhere else.

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