My aim in life (to become an engineer) – Short Essay

Engineers are really creative people. They can build awesome things with their creativity. They perfectly know how to build a good structure in a given space. It is like they are geniuses and, they add bricks to a wall as if they are joining pieces of a puzzle!

Engineers have the power to turn bricks and cement and mud and clay into a desirable building in which people can stay or work. Engineers are philanthropists also. They are the ones who provide abodes and houses in which people can live. They create houses protecting people from adverse effects of nature and the surroundings. They build houses which can stay intact in all seasons. Come what may and these houses will endure everything and keep the people inside it, safe. I want to become an engineer.

My aim in life, to become an engineer, is to make luxurious and beautiful, awe-inspiring buildings, which can really leave a mark and make the trespasser, to stop and admire. Moreover, I want to help people and build for them, snug and opulent homes. I want to utilize even a very nominal space and turn it into a house for the needy. I want to become a part and a cause in the development of my country. I want my country to soar over heights of development like the skyscrapers I would build. I think a house is a basic thing which every family needs and has a right to have. God has created this earth for all of us and, we all have a share in it. If somebody is homeless, then it is our fault. And, in some way or the other, we are eating up their space too.

Becoming an engineer can be really laborious. Long hours of study and dedication is needed. Mathematics and science aren’t the easiest subjects to pursue. But, anything is done with good intention, and a passionate heart can be achieved and conquered. If I want to become a cause of development in my country, I will have to endeavor and, completely devote myself to studies and work. And for my country’s sake, I will do it.

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